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What is Prestige preferential pricing?

Prestige preferential pricing gives you access to reduced management fees so you can earn higher returns on your investments.

iA Financial Group offers two levels of fee reduction, depending on your asset balance:

section-300 Prestige 300

You benefit from Prestige level 300 pricing as soon as the total value of your assets equals or exceeds $300,000.
section-300 Prestige 500

If your assets total $500,000 or more, you'll qualify for level 500 pricing, with even lower management fees.

To make it easier to meet these eligibility thresholds, you can create a family grouping to combine your assets with those of your family members who reside at the same address. Each member will benefit from reduced fees associated with the Prestige level reached (300 or 500)—an advantage you can even share with other members of your extended family, regardless of their place of residence and asset level.

The main advantages of Prestige preferential pricing

  • Boosts your investment returns by reducing your management fees
  • Can be shared with members of your extended family, regardless of their place of residence and asset level
  • Available with all registration types offered in our Classic Series 75/75 and 75/100 segregated funds (RRSP, TFSA, etc.) and in My Education+ (RESP)
  • Included with all the benefits of segregated funds, such as possible creditor protection and quick settlement in the event of death

How do I qualify for Prestige preferential pricing?

Contribute to your registered or non-registered individual savings plans with iA Financial Group.

As soon as the total value of your assets equals or exceeds the $300,000 or $500,000 thresholds, you automatically benefit from Prestige preferential pricing.

Combine your assets with those of family members residing at your address.

Once you qualify, you can also share the benefits of Prestige with members of your extended family, regardless of their asset level or place of residence.

Contact your financial advisor to learn more.

Investment scenario

  • Individual or family grouping with $350,0001
  • Prestige preferential pricing providing a 0.41% reduction in management fees
  • Annualized net returns of 6.64% (6.23% + 0.41%), taking into account the fee reduction

1Invested in the Series 75/100 Diversified Income fund with an annualized net return of 6.23%.

Potential gains

The amounts presented are for information purposes only.

Additional information

Any individual, family group or business owner with eligible investments who meets the $300,000 or $500,000 threshold can access Prestige preferential pricing.


The grouping must be created and modified with your advisor’s assistance.

All family relationships are accepted. However, only the assets of family members who reside at the same address as the group owner will qualify for the $300,000 or $500,000 thresholds.

Once the group is created, Prestige pricing can be shared with all family members, regardless of their asset level or place of residence. The fee reduction will be based on the level reached by the group (Prestige 300 or Prestige 500).

Yes, the family relationship is the only criterion. Distance does not matter.

No, you do not have to be married to create a grouping. You only need to be partners.

If the value of your assets falls below the eligibility thresholds due to a market downturn, you will continue to benefit from your current level of Prestige pricing.

However, if your asset level drops due to one or more redemptions, you and the members of your group may no longer qualify for Prestige pricing.

You can qualify again as soon as the value of your assets returns to the required eligibility thresholds. Your financial advisor will be happy to discuss your options with you.

Yes, the assets of a company can be considered for a family group, provided that a member of the group is named in the company's shareholder resolution.