RRIF – Registered Retirement Income Fund

RRIF – Registered Retirement Income Fund

Over the course of your retirement, your RRSP will convert into an RRIF. It’s a flexible plan that allows you to make periodic withdrawals as required while continuing to grow your capital on a tax-free basis.

Characteristics and advantages of an RRIF

  • You must convert your RRSP into an RRIF by December 31 of the year that you turn 71 years of age. 
  • You will not be taxed on your investment income, however you will be taxed on your withdrawal amounts.  
  • You may withdraw as much as you like above and beyond the annual minimum prescribed by law on January 1 of each year.

What investment strategy should you adopt for your RRIF?

The range of investment funds offered by an RRIF is similar to that of an RRSP. You may maintain the same portfolio composition that you had with your RRSP or modify it according to your short or medium-term needs.

Why choose an RRIF with us?

You can invest your RRIF in our IAG Savings and Retirement Plan. This plan includes our FORLIFE Series, an interesting savings and income solution for people between the ages of 50 and 75 who are looking for stable and guaranteed income for life. Furthermore, the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan allows you to invest primarily in segregated funds, which provide protection against market fluctuations and guarantee that estate value is protected upon death.

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