savings account (TFSA)

What is a TFSA?

A tax-free savings account is ideal for medium- or long-term savings projects. The returns generated in the account are not taxable, even if you make a withdrawal. Additionally, your money can be accessed at any time, which makes it an excellent emergency fund.

How much can you contribute to your TFSA?

You can contribute up to the limit set for the year underway, regardless of your income. Furthermore, you may carry forward any unused contribution amounts into future years.

Contribution room for 2021 : $6,000


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Key advantages of the TFSA

  • The income earned on your contributions to the TFSA is not taxable.
  • Withdrawals are not taxed and may be made at any time, which makes it an excellent emergency fund.
  • Unused contribution room is carried over to the following year, which means that you can contribute more than your annual limit.
  • This is the ideal solution for your medium- and long-term savings projects, like a trip or the purchase of a home or car.

Four types of investment for your TFSA

Choosing iA for your TFSA is choosing the company that has been first in net segregated fund sales in Canada since 2016. Our funds are managed by top portfolio managers and follow the most innovative market trends. Different investment options are available based on your investor profile and your risk tolerance.

Segregated funds

Segregated funds are like mutual funds but offer many advantages, including guarantees that protect your investments against market downturns.

Guaranteed interest funds

Guaranteed interest funds offer a fixed interest rate that is guaranteed for the life of the investment. They guarantee 100% of your capital at maturity.

High interest savings account

Simple and accessible, the high interest savings account allows you to save risk-free based on the interest rate in force.

Daily interest funds

The interest in the Daily Interest Fund (DIF+) is earned in your investments on a daily basis and is paid monthly.