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What are segregated funds?

Segregated funds are a type of investment made up of equities, bonds or money market securities. They are similar to mutual funds, but they have a major advantage: They offer guarantees that protect the amounts invested against market downturns.

To maintain investor interest, segregated fund assets are managed separately from those of the company, thus the designation “segregated funds”.

The main benefits of segregated funds

  • Protection of the amount invested at maturity of the investment and at death
  • Protection of investment gains each year thanks to resets1
  • Possibility of not paying probate fees2
  • Rapid settlement in the event of death
  • Protection against creditors3
  • Easier and faster tax return
  • Possibility of a lifetime guaranteed income4

1 Available in the Classic Series 75/100, 100/100 and FORLIFE. 2 These fees can vary according to each client’s province of residence and situation.
3 Certain conditions apply. 4 The FORLIFE series provides a lifetime guaranteed income.

How to invest in segregated funds?

Distributed exclusively by life insurance companies, segregated funds are managed by teams of experts.

Here are the four steps in acquiring a segregated fund:


Talk to an advisor

An advisor can help you make the best choices according to your reality. The advisor identifies needs and collects data, which includes:

• The financial needs analysis (FNA)

• The investor profile


Open an account

According to the results of the FNA and the investor profile, the advisor will propose the investment instrument the most adapted to your situation: RRSP, TFSA, high interest savings account, etc.

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Choose a guarantee

Still according to your needs, the advisor will propose a product option according of the type of guarantee. Remember, it’s the main advantage of Segregated Funds!

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Choose the portfolio funds

The final step in selecting a fund category or categories in which to invest according to their characteristics.

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Leaders in segregated funds in Canada

iA Financial Group has been ranked first in net segregated fund sales in Canada since 2016, an enviable position that isn’t the result of chance.

We’ve earned it through the continual hard work of our expert teams who are focused on selecting qualified portfolio managers and closely monitoring fund performance.