What is an annuity (guaranteed income)?

An annuity is a retirement income product that provides retirees with a stable, regular income in exchange for a lump-sum payment. You can choose between an annuity paid during a predetermined period (annuity certain) and an annuity paid and guaranteed until your death (life annuity).

Our FORLIFE Series also provides a guaranteed income for your entire life in addition to other advantages, such as a death benefit guarantee, access to your investment at all times and the potential to increase your annual income. It also gives you the opportunity to grow your money.

The main benefits of guaranteed income

  • Provides regular income, helping to secure your financial stability in retirement
  • Offers fixed payments that are not influenced by market volatility
  • Allows you to choose to receive either income for life or for a predetermined period

Our guaranteed income options


In addition to a guaranteed income for life, our FORLIFE Series from the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan offers:

  • A potential automatic increase to your guaranteed annual income
  • Access to your money at all times1
  • The opportunity to grow your money
  • A 100% guarantee in the event of death2
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1Withdrawals exceeding the guaranteed lifetime amount may incur a reduction in the amount guaranteed under your contract. 2The guarantee in the event of death varies according to your transactions and is recalculated after each guaranteed income payment.


Annuities free you from the concerns you may have about managing your money, but do not allow you to withdraw the sums you used to purchase your annuity. They are ideal for those who desire simplicity:

  • You don’t have to worry about managing your investments
  • You can choose between income that lasts your lifetime (life annuity) and income with a predetermined maturity date (annuity certain)
1Annuities are subject to approval.


You can purchase these products through an advisor. They will guide you and help you reach your financial goals.

iA offers two types of annuities: a life annuity and an annuity certain. You can also opt for the FORLIFE Series, which is a life annuity with additional benefits.

FORLIFE Series The FORLIFE Series, a life annuity, provides guaranteed income for life. It also offers the opportunity to increase your annual income and gives you access to your capital at any time. It also covers your estate; 100% of your funds are guaranteed in the event of your death.
Life annuity A life annuity provides guaranteed income for your entire life. There are many options to choose from to ensure that it adequately fits your needs. You also have the option of setting up your annuity for your own life or for both your and your spouse’s life, if you wish for the annuity to continue to be paid to them in the event of your death.
Annuity certain An annuity certain provides an income until the end of the predetermined period. This period is provided in years (with a minimum of five) and is highly flexible. In the event of death, the income continues to be paid to your spouse or beneficiary until the end of the predetermined period.

Talk to an advisor to find out if this product is right for you.

You may review the funds available with the FORLIFE Series on our Fund performance and overview page by selecting the corresponding filter.

Please note that the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan includes multiple funds that suit different types of investors. Your advisor can help you choose the fund or funds that best suit your needs, goals and risk tolerance.

Yes. While annuities are generally paid each month, there are many options to choose from.