Annuities (Guaranteed Income)

Annuities (Guaranteed Income)

Guaranteed income in the form of an annuity or with the FORLIFE Series in the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan is an interesting way to make sure that you receive a steady, fixed income during your retirement. With an annuity, you make an up-front investment in return for a steady stream of income. With the FORLIFE Series, you also receive guaranteed income for life, however you enjoy the added benefit of interest generated by your investments.

Characteristics and advantages of guaranteed income

  • Offers you stable, secure and guaranteed income for as long as you live.


  • Provides worry-free, simplified money management but does not offer withdrawal flexibility. Once the annuity is purchased and the funds are set, it does not change.
  • You have the choice of two types of annuities: life, which provides you with income for life, and certain, which provides you with income over a predetermined period of time.


  • Allows you to grow your money through investment income and provides access to your investment at all times.

Why choose guaranteed income with us?

Guaranteed lifetime income offered by the FORLIFE Series is unique to the iA Financial Group.  Like an annuity, this series provides you with a fixed income. It stands out, however, because it gives you the opportunity to grow your money in one of two guaranteed income funds. What’s more, if you own an RRIF, you are guaranteed that the minimum withdrawal will always be respected, even it if is higher than your lifetime income.

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