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To find out more about your group insurance file, you can:

How to make a claim
You have many options depending on the type claim you want to make.

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Direct deposit
Receive reimbursement of your claims more quickly by signing up for direct deposit.

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Plan your trip

Before you leave

  • Read and understand the details of your travel insurance coverage. To confirm that you are eligible, please contact iA customer service at 1-877-422-6487.
  • Make sure that your health is stable before leaving. To determine whether your medical condition is stable, please contact Travel Assistance at 1-800-203-9024.
  • Bring your group insurance card with you because it contains all the information you need. You may also use the iA Mobile app to see it directly on your mobile device.

During your stay

If a medical emergency occurs outside of your province of residence, please contact Travel Assistance before seeing a health professional:

If you call from a country that does not offer collect calls, you may claim your expenses for reimbursement upon your return.

When you return

If you would like to submit an emergency medical services claim for reimbursement, please complete and submit the required claim form(s) for your province of residence.

For more details

You have a specialized product


To make a claim, please contact insured's agent or our customer service department between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST at the following number:

Anywhere in Canada: 1-888-266-2224

Plan for Quebec University Students (Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire – formerly CREPUQ)

To find out which universities are included in this group plan for students as well as details of coverage offered, please consult the document Universities with group accident insurance for students listed by coverage offered.

To submit a claim, please contact us directly by telephone or complete and send us the Claim form (BCI – formerly CREPUQ).

Insurance Certificate

Your insurance provides for the payment of benefits and the partial reimbursement of certain fees if you suffer an accident. To find out more about coverage guaranteed by the plan, please consult your personalized insurance certificate:

If you have Special Markets Solutions insurance coverage through your employer, alumni association, professional association, or financial institution, you can find out more information about your plan from our dedicated website:

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