My Group Insurance Plan

In My Client Space, you can, at any time:

  • Submit and track your claims
  • Review the scope of your coverage
  • Generate a list of paid claims for income tax purposes
  • Check whether a prescription drug is covered under your plan
  • Obtain proof of travel insurance
  • And much more!

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You have group insurance coverage

To find out more about your group insurance file, you can:

How to make a claim

You have many options depending on the type of claim you want to make.

Make a claim

Direct deposit

Receive reimbursement of your claims more quickly by signing up for direct deposit.

To sign up for direct deposit:

  • My Client Space
  • Direct deposit forms: go to the Forms and guides section, under Health, dental care and disability


Plan your trip

Before you leave

  • Review your travel insurance coverage to better understand what is and isn't covered.
  • Take your group benefit card with you when you travel. It will be useful. You can also use the iA Mobile app to see it directly on your smart phone.
  • If you have an illness or pre-existing medical condition, you must ensure that your medical condition is deemed stable before leaving. To determine whether or not your medical condition is stable, contact Travel Assistance at 1-800-203-9024.

During your stay

If a medical emergency occurs outside of your province of residence, please contact Travel Assistance before seeing a health professional:

If you call from a country that does not offer collect calls, you may claim your expenses for reimbursement upon your return.

When you return

If you would like to submit an emergency medical services claim for reimbursement, please complete and submit the required claim form for your province of residence. To find it, go to the Travel insurance section.


For more details

  • Refer to your group insurance booklet in My Client Space or in the iA Mobile app.
  • Refer to the Travel insurance section to find the Travel Assistance brochure and other useful information.


You have a specialized product

Have a question? Our client service specialists are happy to help!