Combine returns and security with this investment option that allows you to save risk free and diversify your portfolio.

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What are guaranteed interest funds?

Similar to guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) offered by banks, guaranteed interest funds (GIFs) are an investment option that offers a fixed, guaranteed interest rate for the duration of your investment. However, they offer, at no additional cost, benefits that are not available with GICs, such as quick settlement in the event of death and possible creditor protection.

Our GIFSs offer competitive returns based on market interest rates. You can choose terms of one month, one to five years or ten years. They are ideal for investors who seek stability and want to protect their capital from market fluctuations while diversifying their portfolio.

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Benefits of guaranteed interest funds

  • Reduce the risks associated with market volatility
  • Improve portfolio diversification
  • Guarantee 100 % of the capital at maturity
  • Offer competitive returns
  • A great alternative to bonds
  • Available in all types of registration (RRSP, TFSA, etc.)
  • No management fees
  • Both individuals and corporations can benefit from this investment vehicle

Benefits specific to iA guaranteed interest funds

  • Redeemable at any time*
  • May include creditor protection
  • Allows for quick and easy payment in the event of death thanks to beneficiary designation
  • No estate settlement costs

*Surrender charges may apply if withdrawals are made before the maturity date.

What distinguishes us


60-day rate guarantee

This guarantee is very practical for terms that are not immediate.


Reduced management fees in the Prestige Series

Assets invested in GIFs may be considered for potential fee reductions on other products through our Prestige Program.


Consolidation of investments at iA to enhance interest rate

By consolidating your investments at iA, you can enhance your interest rate based on the total assets invested in GIFs within a single contract. Talk about it with your advisor!

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Stable interest rates

Our competitive rates are guaranteed for the full term of your investment, both short term and long term.



You can choose between simple interest (payable monthly or annually) or compound interest.

How to invest in a guaranteed interest fund (GIF)


Speak with an advisor

Contact a financial security advisor to discuss your investment goals. They could help you determine your investor profile and do a needs analysis.

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Open an account

Following analysis of your financial situation and needs, your advisor will propose the investment vehicle best suited to your situation:

RRSP, TFSA, non-registered contract, etc.

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Choose a term

Depending on your savings goals and desired rate of return, you can choose from the following term options:

  • 1 month renewable*
  • 1 to 5 years
  • 10 years

* Annualized simple rate; annualized compound rate for other terms.

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Additional information

There is no minimum age to open a non-registered contract. However, there may be a minimum or maximum age for opening a registered contract. For example, you must be 18 or older if you want your guaranteed interest fund (GIF) to be registered in a tax-free savings account (TFSA).

A minimum of $500 must also be invested to open a GIF.

No estate settlement costs and quick payment in the event of death

These benefits are possible through the designation of a beneficiary, which allows for a transfer of assets without going through the normal estate settlement process in the event of death.

In the event of the death of a person with a GIF, the amounts invested are therefore paid directly to the designated beneficiaries. Settlement is fast and free of charge. Conversely, the normal estate settlement process can be lengthy and costly.

The capital paid can help relatives cover financial commitments for the deceased without having to compromise their personal finances while waiting for the estate to be settled.

Creditor protection

As with most life insurance products and segregated funds, your investments in a guaranteed interest fund can be protected from creditors.

For this coverage to be valid, however, you must ensure that:

  • At least one “preferred” or irrevocable beneficiary was designated
  • Your investments must be made in good faith, without any intention of fraud towards potential creditors

Please also note that if you declare bankruptcy within five years of opening a guaranteed interest fund contract and it is proven that you would not have been able to repay your debts without the transferred funds, the coverage may be invalidated by the insurance company.