LIRA – Locked-In Retirement Account

LIRA – Locked-In Retirement Account

If you leave or lose your job, a LIRA allows you to transfer the funds accumulated under a retirement savings plan or your ex-employer’s pension plan to an individual plan. With the help of a financial advisor, you can put this money into investment funds and enjoy greater control over your investments.

Characteristics and advantages of a LIRA:

  • Your savings grow tax-free.
  • You may not contribute nor withdraw money invested in a LIRA except under certain conditions.
  • Upon retirement or, at the latest, the year you turn 71 years of age, you must convert your LIRA to a Life Income Fund (LIF).

Why choose a LIRA with us?

Our IAG Savings and Retirement Plan allows you to invest wisely in your LIRA. It is designed for all types of investors, from those who like to play it safe to those who like to take risks. Furthermore, it offers you the choice of the following investment funds:

  • Segregated funds 
  • Guaranteed interest funds 
  • Daily interest funds 
  • Mutual funds

Thanks to our segregated funds, we offer exceptional investment protection if the markets go down.

You can also invest your LIRA in securities.

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