Segregated funds

Segregated fund categories

The allocation of your investments is the heart of your financial strategy. It is therefore essential to choose the asset allocation that is best for you according to your investor type.

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Are you ready to invest in segregated funds? Are you a conservative, moderate, balanced, growth or aggressive investor? What are your savings goals, your investment horizon and your risk tolerance?

The answers that you provide will allow your financial security advisor to propose the best fund categories to build your savings portfolio based on your needs and your investor profile.

What are the available fund categories?

Segregated funds are made up of equities, bonds or money market securities and are managed by experts. This management is done either internally by our iA Investment Management team, or externally by renowned managers. 

iA Financial Group offers you segregated funds distributed in eight categories of funds. Each fund category can meet the needs of each investor profile.

Managed and index solutions

Our families of managed and index solutions are designed to simplify your life. They offer optimal diversification. You will be sure to find the solution that best meets your financial goals and your tolerance to risk:

  • Focus Fund
  • Selection Fund
  • Diversified Funds
  • Global Asset Allocation Fund (iAIM)
  • Socially Responsible Investment Funds
    (SRI Inhance) – ESG Funds
  • Index Funds (index solution)
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Income and Specialty Income Funds

Income funds are conservative funds whose return comes from low-risk securities which earn predicable interest, such as government bonds and corporate bonds.

Regardless of the market environment, income funds are a key element in the establishment of a portfolio. They generally evolve in the opposite direction of equity funds and offset market volatility.

Specialty Income Funds are a subcategory of income funds which allow investors to focus on a specific type of debt securities in which a more traditional bond fund is generally not invested.

They are considered riskier. They can be used as a complement fund (satellite) in a portfolio, thereby improving diversification.

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Diversified funds

Diversified funds, also known as balanced funds, invest in a combination of bonds and equities. They can be invested directly in fixed income securities and equities, or through underlying funds.

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Canadian Equity Funds

Canadian equity funds provide access to companies that operate on the Canadian market. They can sometimes be invested in foreign equities up to a certain maximum.

Our variety of funds lets your clients choose the management style, size of market capitalization and the type of return (dividends or capital appreciation) which best meets their needs.

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Global Equity Funds

Global equity funds are comprised of about 50% U.S. equity funds and 50% international equities, with a small proportion (less than 5%) of Canadian equities.

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U.S. and International Equity Funds

U.S. Equity Funds are invested in companies located in the United States. The American stock market is very significant, representing over 50% of the global stock market.

International Equity Funds are invested in the companies of more than 20 developed markets, primarily in Europe, Australasia and the Far East (East and South-East Asia), excluding the United States and Canada.

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Specialty Equity Funds

Specialty equity funds allow investors to focus on a particular geographic region, business sector or specific type of asset. They are generally more concentrated, thus riskier. They can be used as a completement (satellite) in a portfolio, thereby improving diversification.

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Socially responsible investment funds

Socially responsible funds aim for competitive long-term growth through socially responsible investments, also known as ESG funds (funds that meet strict environmental, social and governance criteria). Ideal for investors who want to invest sustainably.

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