iA Participating
Life Insurance

The solution specifically designed to meet your highest expectations in permanent life insurance.

What is iA PAR?

Insurance that ensures the tax-advantaged growth of your estate.

Its main benefit is allowing you to receive dividends which can be used to acquire paid-up insurance, which increases our death benefit and your cash surrender value.

How does it work?

The death benefit, cash surrender value and premiums for the basic coverage are fully guaranteed. You have the option of paying the premium over a period of 10 years, 20 years or until age 100. You may also receive dividends each year, which can be paid according to your choice among the four dividend options available.

This is an ideal solution if you are:

  • A parent or grandparent who wants to offer your children or grandchildren a solid financial foundation and guarantee their future insurability while they are young and in good health. This insurance also provides coverage with potential for growth over the long term as well as the possibility of paying the premium early or having your premiums paid from your annual dividends.
  • A professional with strong income growth and excess liquidity available. You want to maximize your long-term estate value to reduce your estate’s tax expense and have access to liquidity from your cash surrender value to use for projects or extra retirement income.
  • A business owner looking for a flexible permanent insurance solution with access to liquidity. You would like a solid form of financial protection against the loss of a key associate or to ensure your firm’s succession. You can also benefit from privileged access to asset classes normally reserved for the institutional market.

A product that adapts to your needs

Four options are available for you to benefit from your dividends, based on your objectives. You can modify the option you have selected at any time, based on your changing needs.

OPTION 1: Paid-up additions

This option puts dividends towards the purchase of paid-up insurance, which favours the growth of your estate. This option maximizes the coverage amount and increases the total cash surrender value.

OPTION 2: Annual premium reduction

This option lets you use your dividends to reduce the amount of your next annual premium without affecting your coverage amount in case of death.

OPTION 3: Payable in cash

You can receive your annual dividend payments in cash. You therefore benefit directly from this additional source of liquidity, while maintaining your coverage amount in case of death. This option could have tax consequences.

OPTION 4: Deposit with interest

This option allows you to receive your annual dividends in a savings account managed by iA Financial Group. This savings account generates interest that is taxed at the end of the year. This option could have tax consequences.

The Additional deposit option is an accelerator to maximize the death benefit and cash value. This option allows you to make additional deposits, which are used to obtain paid-up insurance.

If needed, iA PAR give you access to a source of liquidity thanks to dividends or the cash surrender value. You can access the cash surrender value through the disability benefit, partial withdrawals, policy loans or loans with financial institutions1.

1 Certain conditions apply.

Dividends are amounts which could be paid to you annually, on the policy anniversary. The amount of the dividends is calculated based on returns in the various asset classes of the participating account as well as other factors such as mortality, lapse rate and operating costs. The participating account groups all the funds paid by clients and is managed by iA Investment Management to maximize the long-term returns.

Thanks to annual dividends, you’ll benefit from an advantageous solution that could maximize the growth of your estate. Dividends may vary annually and are not guaranteed.

We are pleased to announce that the dividend scale, including the interest rate of 6% for our iA participating life insurance product (iA PAR), is being maintained for 2023. Each year, the board of directors determines the amount of the dividend to be paid in accordance with the dividend policy. This policy governs the fair distribution of dividends to clients. The dividend amount is set according to the dividend scale, which varies based on investment return, lapse rate, mortality and expenses related to the participating policy block of business.