Universal life insurance products

For insurance coverage that grows in value over time

EquiBuild offers unique advantages.

It comes with annual bonuses that increase the policy face amount.

It also includes strong guaranteed surrender values.

EquiBuild insurance offers:

  • Permanent life insurance coverage.
  • A bonus that can be used to increase your face amount or your savings under the policy.
  • Guaranteed surrender values that grow starting the first month.
  • Excellent investment options that suit any profile as well as special needs.
  • A contract with no policy fees in the payment of the annual premium and no surrender charges.

Additional information

For flexible coverage that changes with your needs

Offers you life insurance coverage plus the opportunity to grow your savings on a tax preferred basis under the same contract.

Genesis-IRIS also offers the option of investing your savings into a stabilized return index account. This type of account is intended for investors who want access to a low-volatility fund with attractive return potential.

Genesis insurance offers:

  • Permanent life insurance coverage. 
  • An effective and advantageous way to save for your general needs or your retirement. 
  • Great flexibility when it comes to modifying the face amount, payment frequency, premium amounts, and investment options. 
  • Only available with Genesis IRIS: the option of withdrawing policy funds, at any time without surrender charges.

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