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Participating life insurance is permanent life insurance which offers the possibility of receiving annual dividends, which can be used to obtain paid-up insurance, thereby increasing the death benefit and the cash surrender value.

What is participating life insurance?

Participating life insurance is permanent life insurance which includes basic coverage whose premium, cash surrender value and death benefit are fully guaranteed. You could also receive dividends each year.

Based on your choice, these dividends can be applied to one of the following four dividend options: Paid-up additions (PUA), Annual premium reduction, Payable in cash or Deposit with interest. You can modify the option you have selected at any time, based on the evolution of your needs.


Choosing iA means benefiting from the solidity of one of the largest insurance and wealth management groups in Canada with over a century of experience.


The Participating account is managed by iA Investment Management, a seasoned team with incomparable expertise in asset management.


Our team of portfolio managers at iA Investment Management employs a prudent, measured approach to maximize long-term returns.

The right coverage for you

iA Participating Life Insurance

iA Participating Life Insurance is the perfect solution, specifically designed to meet your highest expectations.

iA PAR is permanent life insurance coverage that ensures the long-term growth of your estate and, if needed, generates access to liquidity.