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What is iA Participating Life Insurance (iA PAR)?

Combining growth, flexibility and stability, iA Participating Life Insurance (iA PAR) is permanent life insurance that includes basic coverage for which premiums, the initial face amount and the surrender value are fully guaranteed.

The main advantage of iA PAR are the dividends that you can receive and use to increase the death benefit and total cash surrender value. So, in addition to protecting and growing your estate, iA PAR gives you the opportunity to access a source of liquidity and diversify your investments.

Dividend scale

We are pleased to announce that the dividend scale, including the interest rate of 6,25% is being increased for 2024.

How does it work?

iA allows you to choose from different payment terms to meet your specific needs and expectations. In all cases, the premiums are leveled (fixed) and guaranteed. These premiums are payable over a period of 10 years, 20 years or until the age of 100.

Regarding the dividends you can receive, the amount is based on a scale rate that varies annually. Depending on your choice, your dividends can be used to:

  • Increase your paid-up insurance1
  • Lower your annual premium
  • Receive a cash amount, or
  • Invest in an investment account that earns interest

Should your needs evolve, you can change your option at any time without having to fulfill any medical requirements.

1 Paid-up insurance: Paid-up insurance: Permanent life insurance where no more premiums need to be paid. Acquired through the payment of dividends or the additional deposit option.

Depending on your financial goals, two versions of iA PAR are available:

The iA PAR Estate Solution

The iA PAR Estate version helps you maximize your wealth by optimizing the long-term growth of the total surrender value and the total amount of life insurance.

This is an ideal solution if you are:

  • A parent or grandparents who want to provide a solid financial foundation for their family with paid-up permanent life insurance that continues to grow over the long term
  • A professional with strong income growth who has surplus cash and wants to maximize their long-term wealth in a tax-efficient manner
  • A business owner looking for a flexible permanent insurance solution with access to liquidity


  • Maximise the growth of your wealth over the course of your lifetime
  • Limit the tax impact on your estate at the time of your death
  • Generate a long-term source of liquidity
  • Provide a solid financial foundation for your children or grandchildren and protect their future insurability

The iA PAR Wealth Solution

The iA PAR Wealth version helps you maximize short-term growth by maximizing the total cash surrender value in the early years of your policy, while allowing for long-term growth of your estate.

This is an ideal solution if you are:

  • An incorporated professional who wants to generate a quick return on their investment and ensure a tax-efficient transfer of wealth
  • A shareholder of a corporation who wants to diversify their assets and reduce taxes while meeting their insurance needs or those of the corporation
  • A business owner who wants to benefit from high surrender values to finance an investment project while securing the value of their estate


  • Access a source of short-term liquidity to be reinvested in a corporation or in income-earning assets, for example
  • Generate a quick return on investment
  • Reinforce your corporation’s balance sheet by diversifying your assets
  • Ensure the growth of your wealth and net estate value over the course of your life.

A product that adapts to your needs


Elizabeth, age 32
Nicolas, age 34
Daughter, age 4

  • Parents of Lily, age 4
  • Male and female, non-smokers

Elizabeth and Nicolas have a daughter, Lily, who is four years old. They are very comfortable financially and are both engineers. Their annual family income is $210,000. They max out their registered savings every year and are looking to provide Lily with a strong financial foundation for the future.

Build their estate

Age 4:
Life insurance amount $150,000
20-year payment

Age 30:
Total policy cash value $58,390

Age 65:
Total policy cash value $480,561

Maximizing estate assets:

Age 90:
Death benefit $2,119,938


Justin, age 35

  • Dentist
  • Male, non-smoker

Justin is a partner in a dental practice. His annual income is $190,000 and he anticipates strong income growth over time. He wants permanent life insurance to maximize his estate, generate cash value and diversify his assets in a tax-efficient vehicle.

Build his estate

Age 35:
Life insurance amount $500,000
Payable to age 100

Age 54:
Annual dividend amount $8,358

Age 65:
Total policy cash value $597,284

Maximizing estate assets:

Age 90:
Death benefit $2,948,025


Jacob, age 40

  • Medical specialist
  • Male, non-smoker

Jacob, a medical specialist with an annual salary of $600,000, is looking for portfolio diversification, long-term returns and a medium-term source of liquidity. He also wants to protect his estate. The 10-year payment option is the ideal solution for him to accumulate a substantial policy cash value, leave a larger inheritance and quickly pay up his premium.

Build his estate

Age 40:
Life insurance amount $1,000,000
10-year payment

Age 50:
Death benefit $1,271,873

Age 65:
Total policy cash value $1,245,329

Maximizing estate assets:

Age 90:
Death benefit $5,433,589

Four options are available for you to benefit from your dividends, based on your objectives. You can modify the option you have selected at any time, based on your changing needs.

OPTION 1: Paid-up additions

This option puts dividends towards the purchase of paid-up insurance, which favours the growth of your estate. This option maximizes the coverage amount and increases the total cash surrender value.

OPTION 2: Annual premium reduction

This option allows lets you use your dividends to reduce the amount of your next annual premium without affecting the amount of the death benefit to be paid to your beneficiaries.

OPTION 3: Payable in cash

This option allows you to receive your annual dividends in cash. You therefore benefit directly from this additional source of liquidity, while maintaining the cash value of your policy in the event of death. This option could have tax consequences.

OPTION 4: Deposit with interest

This option allows you to receive your annual dividends in a savings account managed by iA Financial Group. This savings account generates interest that is taxed at the end of the year. This option could have tax consequences.

If you choose to use your dividends to increase your paid-up insurance, you can also make additional deposits to your policy to purchase additional paid-up insurance coverage through the additional deposit option. This growth accelerator allows you to increase the life insurance amount and the total cash value even faster.

However, the additional deposit option is not offered with the 10-year payment option.

Annual dividends and the cash surrender value of an iA PAR policy are two ways you can obtain cash. For instance, a partial withdrawal, a policy loan or a loan from a financial institution allows you to access the cash surender value1.

1Certain conditions apply.

Dividends are amounts which could be paid to you annually, on the policy anniversary. The amount of the dividends is calculated based on returns in the various asset classes of the participating account as well as other factors such as mortality, lapse rate and operating costs. The participating account groups all the funds paid by participating policyholders. This account is managed by iA Investment Management to maximize long-term returns.

Thanks to annual dividends, you’ll benefit from an advantageous solution that could maximize the growth of your estate. Dividends may vary annually and are not guaranteed.

Account overview for participating contracts

Dividend Scale Announcement

We are pleased to announce that following a review of the dividend scale, the interest rate will be increased from 6% to 6.25% in 2024 for our iA Participating life insurance product (iA PAR). Each year, the board of directors determines the amount of the dividend to be paid in accordance with the dividend policy. This policy governs the fair distribution of dividends to clients. The dividend amount is set according to the dividend scale, which varies based on investment return, lapse rate, mortality and expenses related to the participating policy block of business.