Why choose Roadside assistance?

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Out of gas, dead battery or flat tire? Roadside Assistance is the perfect complement to your car insurance so you can hit the road safely!

Even with the best precautions, you’re not immune to running out of gas, a dead battery, a breakdown or any other mishap on the road… But no need to panic! With Roadside Assistance you can hit the road with peace of mind 24/7. It’s the perfect complement to your car insurance! Ready to hit the road with confidence?

Services covered with Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is much more than a towing service to the nearest garage! Whatever the problem, we’ve got you covered! Add this coverage to your car insurance policy to be ready for any emergency or the unexpected.

1. Towing service

Car broken down? We know that this situation comes with its share of worries and expense. At least you don’t have to worry about getting a tow!

Roadside Assistance provides towing services to the repair shop of your choice within a 25 km radius. If it is more than 25 km away, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair shop.

Was your vehicle towing an open trailer for personal use or a recreational vehicle of less than 16 ft. in length? It can be towed, but additional fees may apply.

2. Gas delivery

Have you tested (a little too much!) the limits of your gas tank? Running out of gas on the road can be downright mortifying! With Roadside Assistance coverage, we will deliver 10 litres of gas free of charge to get you to the nearest gas station.

3. Flat tire change

In the event of a flat tire, we can install your vehicle’s spare, provided that it is in good condition. If it’s deflated or you simply don’t have one, we’ll give you a tow!

4. Door unlocking

Have you ever forgotten your keys in the car? Or even worse… lost them? Should such situations arise, you will be more than happy to count on the help of the Roadside Assistance team! We will attempt to unlock the doors. If this doesn’t work or you no longer have the keys, we will provide up to $100 for locksmith services.

5. Battery boost

Roadside Assistance also covers a battery recharge if your car’s battery is showing signs of weakness. We will recharge it so you can start the vehicle.

Good to know: Did you know that with Roadside Assistance, you can also recharge your electric vehicle on the road or have it taken to the nearest charging station? Ask your insurer for more information.

6. Winching

Once your vehicle is stuck in snow or mud, it is often very difficult to extricate it… Roadside Assistance can even help extricate your vehicle if it is accessible by public roads.

Is Roadside Assistance available outside Quebec?

Yes! Unexpected mishaps never take a day off, even outside Quebec! You can travel with peace of mind if you’re in Canada or the U.S.

So, if you need roadside assistance outside the province, you’ll be reimbursed for any service you receive, up to $100. You will need to pay out of pocket. However, you can then submit a Roadside Assistance claim to your insurer.

The benefits of Roadside Assistance

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Roadside Assistance… It’s priceless! Each year, you can make up to four service calls. Avoid hefty fees, counter the unexpected and get the most out of your road trips by choosing Roadside Assistance!


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