Do you know electric vehicles?

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Are you tempted by this type of vehicle? Here are 5 facts you should know about electric cars.

According to the Government of Quebec, there were 133,000 electric vehicles on our roads in February 2022, and this number is constantly growing1. In recent years, more and more motorists have turned to this type of vehicle to reduce their carbon footprint and save on fuel.

Are you tempted by this type of vehicle? Here are 5 facts you should know about electric cars.

1) The difference between plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles

If you are not familiar with these two types of vehicles, you may wonder what the difference is between them.

Electric vehicles don’t have a fuel tank or a combustion engine, but an electric motor driven by an electronic controller and linked to a battery. Electric cars have a range of 100 to 500 km depending on battery capacity. They can be charged directly at home or at a public charging station.

Plug-in hybrids have a rechargeable electric range of 20 to 85 km and also have a fuel tank. Drivers can travel several dozen kilometres in electric mode without using a drop of fuel.

2) Several advantages of choosing an electric car

If you have chosen to buy an electric vehicle, you should know that this has several advantages, including:

  • Greatly reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Economical
  • Access to fast charging in many locations
  • Quiet, vibration-free driving
  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions during use

In order to make the best choice, calculate the number of kilometres you travel each day. If you are not the type to make multiple long trips during the year (more than 300 km), an electric car could be an economical choice for you.

3) Possibility of obtaining government rebates when purchasing the vehicle

The Quebec government offers the Roulez vert program to help you save money when you purchase an electric vehicle. Whether you buy a vehicle that is new or used, there is something for you! Depending on the type of electric car, you could save up to $7,000.

The Government of Canada also offers the iZEV program to encourage consumers to purchase this type of vehicle.

4) Recharging your car

Just like a gas-powered vehicle, your electric car will tell you when it’s time to charge up. The advantage of an electric vehicle is that you can plug it in directly at home without having to go to the gas station. Your car charges while you go about your daily routine.

If you want faster charging, it may be worthwhile to get a home charging station. To make an informed choice, it is recommended to compare models based on km per hour of charging.

If you don’t want to invest in a charging station, you can find them in many public places where you can charge your car for free or at a low cost. As evidence of the popularity of electric vehicles, there are approximately 7,000 public charging stations in Quebec and the network is still growing.

5) Insuring your electric car

There is no difference when you insure an electric car or a gas-powered vehicle. When you get your quote, we will offer you coverage that meets your needs based on your vehicle’s use.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about your car insurance or home insurance. One of our insurance agents will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

Happy driving!

1 Gouvernement du Québec (French only) :

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