Legacy specialized life insurance

Building and protecting your estate.

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What is Legacy specialized life insurance?

Legacy specialized life insurance is a permanent insurance with advantageous guarantees and an annual bonus that promotes death benefit and total surrender value growth.

How does it work?

Legacy is designed to help you build and protect your wealth. You can take advantage of flexible deposit options and an annual bonus that can be used to purchase paid-up additional insurance or contributed to the accumulation fund. The formula used to calculate the bonus is simple and guaranteed. It depends on the declared smoothed return for the EquiBuild Fund.

Legacy is administered under the same system as universal life insurance and aims to offer you the flexibility that will help you attain your long-term financial goals.

The ideal solution

For a professional

Who requires permanent insurance of $1 million or more and who wants to ensure the growth of their estate to pass on to the next generation.

For a business owner

Who requires significant permanent insurance and who wants to take advantage of a source of short-term liquidity, diversify their assets and access asset classes normally reserved for the institutional market.

The advantages of Legacy specialized life insurance

  • Death benefit and guaranteed surrender values
  • Annual bonus that promotes death benefit and total surrender value growth
  • Access to liquidity through collateral loans, policy loans and disability benefits
  • Flexibility to manage your premium payments with the option of depositing surplus funds to offset future premiums
  • Wide range of investment options

A product that adapts to your needs

You are eligible to receive an annual bonus each policy year, based on a simple and guaranteed bonus formula. The only factor influencing the calculation of your bonus is the smoothed return on the EquiBuild Fund. Once paid, the bonus contributes to increasing the total cash value and death benefit.

You will have two options to choose from to best benefit from your annual bonus, according to your goals:

1. The paid-up additional insurance (PUA) option

Your bonus is used to purchase paid-up additional insurance (PUA), which contributes to increasing the total death benefit and guaranteed total surrender value amounts.

2. The bonus payment to the accumulation fund option

Your bonus is contributed to the accumulation fund and is invested based on investment instructions. You benefit from a wide range of investment accounts.

Legacy gives you the flexibility to attain your long-term goals and access several sources of liquidity, including policy loans, partial withdrawals, redemptions and disability benefits.

Disability benefit: You can access your surrender value through a tax-free disability benefit, payable in the event that you become disabled. The disability benefit is paid from the accumulation fund, which reduces the policy’s death benefit.

This option allows you to purchase paid-up additional insurance and promote the long-term growth of your policy values.

The growth of Legacy depends fundamentally on the EquiBuild Fund, which is actively managed by iA Global Asset Management (iAGAM) to optimize long-term risk-adjusted returns. The diversification strategy results in attractive and stable returns over the long term.

The investment horizon and strategic asset allocation offer excellent potential for long-term returns, while following a prudent and measured approach. The smoothing technique used, which reduces year-to-year volatility, promotes yield stability.