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Superior Program offers comprehensive and personalized disability insurance in the event of an accident or illness. It also offers business overhead expense insurance to business owners.

What is Superior Program?

Superior Program is individual disability insurance designed for all workers, both salaried and self-employed. Superior Program offers complete income replacement protection if you cannot work due to illness or accident. Under certain conditions, contract and seasonal workers can also apply for this insurance!

Superior Program offers business overhead expense insurance to business owners and self-employed individuals. In the event of disability, this protection covers the operating costs of a business such as rent or maintenance expenses.

How does it work?

In the event of disability, you'll receive nontaxable monthly benefits to replace some of your revenue. You can select accident and illness insurance, or accident insurance only.

The cost of your coverage and the monthly payments varies according to your income and occupation, but you can receive benefits of up to $15,000 per month. The overhead expense insurance covers the fixed costs of a business up to $15,000 per month.

It’s an ideal solution if you are

  • A self-employed worker or a business owner and you want to protect your income and continue to pay the operating costs of your business in the event of disability
  • A salaried employee with no employer-provided group disability insurance
  • A salaried employee who has group insurance coverage, but who wants additional disability benefits to maximize income
  • A newcomer looking for disability insurance to protect your income
  • A seasonal worker looking for disability insurance that offers year-round coverage

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Advantages of Superior Program

  • Nontaxable monthly benefits
  • Possibility of insuring your income for up to $15,000 per month
  • Possibility of insuring the fixed costs of a business for up to $15,000 per month
  • Payment relief from the start of disability benefits
  • Professional rehabilitation program to help with your recovery
  • Toll-free legal and medical expertise hotline

Additional information

Canadian citizens:

  • Be between 18 and 59 inclusively at the time of application
  • Be at work
    • actively, at least 21 hours per week,
    • at least 8 months and 1,050 hours per year or
    • at least 4 months and 1,050 hours per year (rider for seasonal workers required)

Immigrants living in Canada for

  • more than 3 years: generally eligible according to the same criteria as Canadian citizens
  • less than 3 years: eligible under certain conditions

There are many additional benefits to Superior Program at no additional cost:

  • Waiver of premiums in case of total disability: You stop paying insurance if you become totally disabled (minimum 30-day wait time).
  • Temporary loss of full-time work: Maintenance of disability insurance up to 12 months after a job loss.
  • Automatic increase in benefits: The amount of insurance increases every year based on the cost of living.
  • Coverage from day 0: For day surgery or hospitalization lasting 18+ hours
  • Residual disability: You could receive disability benefits in the event your income and functional capacity drop after a return to work.
  • Recurrent disability: If you suffer the same disability due to the same cause within 6 to 12 months of the first occurrence, you'll qualify for benefits with no waiting period (depending on occupation).
  • Special rehabilitation benefit: You'll receive a portion of the benefits payable for up to 24 months during rehabilitative employment.
  • Guaranteed benefit: Your benefits are guaranteed once you provide proof of income upon issue or at any point while the contract is in effect.
  • Organ donation: Disability benefit following organ donation.
  • Death benefit: Payment of 3 months of benefits to the beneficiary after 12 months of disability causing death.
  • Extension to age 75: Coverage maintained up to age 75 without further proof of insurability (except in case of accidents).

Superior Program offers 6 optional coverages and 4 additional benefits (riders) that you can add to your insurance as necessary.

Optional protection:

  • Broader definition for seasonal or contract workers: Under this coverage, you become eligible if you work 1,050 hours per year, but only for four months per year.
  • Partial disability: You can receive up to 50% of your monthly benefits if you continue to work part-time.
  • Extension of period covering regular occupation: You can increase length of coverage for your regular occupation by 2 years, 5 years or up to age 65.
  • Retroactive benefit: Reimbursement for the 60-, 90- or 119-day waiting period after 6 months of disability.
  • Return of premiums: This option reimburses you for half of your insurance payments less any amounts collected.
  • Benefit adjustments during the disability period: Your benefits increase with the cost of living each year after 12 months of disability (subject to an annual maximum increase).

Additional benefits (riders):

  • Travel insurance: Reimbursement of emergency medical expenses for the entire family up to $5,000,000 including a trip cancellation benefit of $5,000 per trip.
  • Accidental Fracture: You receive a benefit of up to $10,000 in the event of an accidental fracture.
  • Death, dismemberment or loss of use: Up to $350,000 following an accident.
  • Extended health benefit: Medical care following an accident with up to $100,000 for hospitalization costs, ambulance fees, home nursing care, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist, medications, dental accident, etc.
Your contract may contain additional details and exclusions. These provisions prevail over all coverage mentioned on this page.