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The importance of accident insurance

  • Provides a lump-sum payment or covers certain costs for accident-related expenses
  • Helps you meet your financial obligations while you recover
  • The perfect complement to group or government insurance plans


  • 48% of Canadians say they would not be ready to take time off work due to disability
  • 75% of Canadians say that if they became disabled and were unable to work for more than 3 months, it would have serious consequences for their families, such as significant debt, or repercussions on their retirement funds
Source: LSM Insurance. “Disability Insurance”. LSM Insurance. 27 Jul. 2017, Web. 13 Oct. 2017.

Coverage adapted to your needs

Accident insurance - Peek-a-boo plan

Peek-a-Boo Plan (Free)

For children aged 15 days to 12 months old. Exclusively for residents of Quebec.

Free coverage for your baby in the event of an accident. No obligation on your part.

Receive a free plush toy as a gift.

Accident insurance - Accifamily


For your whole family

Protects your family in the event of an accident and covers accident-related expenses.

Insure four or more people under the same policy and get a 10% discount.

Acci 7 PLUS

For everyone, with no medical exam

Acci 7 PLUS provides flexible accident insurance coverage for the whole family, up to age 80. It’s affordable, flexible and accessible coverage that can be adjusted to your needs. The plan is made up of five separate coverages that can be purchased together or separately, starting at only $7 per month. A complete solution at your fingertips!

Compare our accident insurance products

Peek-A-Boo Plan Accifamily Acci 7 PLUS
Age of eligibility 15 days 15 days 0 years
Coverage up to age… 12 months 75 years 80 years
Coverage amount Up to $50,000
(Mutilation or loss of use)
Up to $50,000
(Mutilation or loss of use)
Up to $1,400/month