Discover the Transition Index that fits you

The Transition Index is an easy way to identify your critical illness insurance needs and see the financial impacts of a critical illness diagnosis.

It’s so easy to discover the Transition Index that fits you! Just answer “yes” or “no” to five simple questions.

Are you the main source of income for your family?
Do you have children under 20 years old?
Do you live in a rural area or does your family live far from you?
Does your work involve manual labour or are you self-employed?
In the case of a disability or a critical illness, would you lose your income?

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Your result is calculated based on the information provided.
Affirmative answers to certain questions increase your Transition Index:

Because you have children and the diagnosis of a serious illness can have significant consequences by depriving you partially or fully of income during your leave of absence, financial assistance from critical illness can help you:

  • Get help for meal preparation and household upkeep
  • Get someone to help with your children’s homework
  • Continue making contributions to your children’s RESP

It might be a good idea to get coverage for your children in case they contract a critical illness, so that you can take unpaid leave to take care of them.

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Because the financial impacts resulting from a leave of absence caused by a critical illness can be significant, critical illness insurance can help you:

  • Compensate for lost income
  • Pay extra expenses related to the illness
  • Help pay your living expenses
  • Get help for meal preparation and household upkeep

Because you don’t live in an urban centre or you live far away from your family, you may incur expenses. You may incur expenses related to receiving medical care at a specialized hospital. Critical illness insurance could provide financial assistance to help you:

  • Cover travel and accommodations for you or your family
  • Cover parking and meal costs for your or your family
  • Cover child care costs

Because the consequences of a critical illness could be even more significant for you, the financial assistance from your critical illness insurance can help you:

  • Compensate for lost income if you have to reorient to a new career because of functional limitations resulting from a critical illness
  • Cope with lost income due to a temporary inability to perform your duties
  • Hire an employee to ensure your business activities can continue during your illness
  • Cover business expenses and financial commitments

Because you do not have insurance coverage (group, individual or loan), the financial consequences of a leave of absence could be serious. However, financial assistance from critical illness insurance could help you:

  • Meet your financial obligations and pay extra expenses related to your illness
  • Protect your personal savings
  • Guarantee your financial independence and avoid borrowing money from your loved ones or taking out a personal loan

Because it is impossible to plan for unforeseen financial impacts resulting from a critical illness, the financial assistance you can get from insurance will help you:

  • Help you cover your financial commitments
  • Cover additional expenses resulting from the illness and the treatment plan (e.g., medication, experimental treatment and medical appliances not covered under public plans, modifications to the home and transportation)
  • Get help for meal preparation and household upkeep
  • Review your priorities following your recovery without worrying about money