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Acci-Jet Program

Acci-Jet Program is simplified issue disability insurance that offers comprehensive coverage for income replacement in the event of a disability caused by an accident or injury.

What is Acci-Jet Program?

Ideal for manual labourers and active people, Acci-Jet Program can provide financial help to replace your income if you become unable to work because of a disability. No medical exam is required.

Acci-Jet Program also offers protection for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers that can cover general business expenses in case of a disability, such as rent and maintenance expenses. You can also add optional coverage in case of disability caused by illness.

How does it work?

In the event of a disability caused by an accident or soft tissue injury covered by your policy, you’ll receive monthly non-taxable benefits. To take out this insurance, there are only a few questions you need to answer. You do not need to have a medical examination.

Based on your occupation class and income, benefits may be as much as $6,000 per month. Acci-Jet Program also offers several options to customize your coverage. For example, you can choose 24-hour coverage or coverage outside working hours only.

It’s an ideal solution if you are:

  • A manual labourer at risk of physical injury in the workplace, like a construction worker
  • A worker in a high-risk job, and are often excluded from disability insurance coverage, like a backcountry ski guide or a fisher
  • A truck driver, or other driver, who regularly travels outside the province and wants to have travel insurance that provides coverage for work
  • Any worker who is looking for quick disability insurance coverage with no medical exam

Advantages of Acci-Jet Program

  • Monthly, non-taxable benefits
  • No medical exam or blood test required
  • Coverage for your income of up to $6,000 per month
  • Coverage for your business’ fixed expenses of up to $6,000 per month
  • Eligibility up to 69 years old, for as long as you are working
  • Guaranteed renewal up to age 70, regardless of your health status

Additional information

Canadian citizens:

  • Between 18 and 69 years old at the time of the application
  • Working:
    • at least 21 hours per week regularly and consistently; or
    • at least 8 months and 1,050 hours per year; or
    • at least 4 months and 1,050 per year (rider for seasonal workers required).
  • Fit for work (no limitation of movement or daily activities due to an injury or illness)
  • Not suffering from a chronic neurodegenerative disease or a permanent physical or intellectual impairment

Immigrants living in Canada for

  • over 3 years: eligible under the same criteria as Canadian citizens
  • under 3 years: eligible under certain conditions
  • Waiver of premiums in case of total disability: You stop paying premiums for your insurance in case of total disability (subject to a minimum 30-day waiting period for total disability).
  • Maintenance of coverage (up to 12 months) in case of temporary loss of full-time work: You can maintain your disability insurance coverage for a period of up to 12 months after a job loss.
  • Special rehabilitation benefit: You receive a portion of the benefits payable for up to 24 months if you are in rehabilitative employment.
  • Recurrent disability coverage: You receive benefits in case of a relapse due to the same cause as the previous disability, with no waiting period if the relapse happens within 6 to 12 months (based on occupation class).
  • Extension to age 75: You can extend your coverage up to age 75, without evidence of insurability (for accident only).

Acci-Jet Program offers optional coverages and additional riders that you can add to your insurance based on your needs.

Optional coverages:

  • Disability in case if illness: Based on your answers to a few medical questions, you could also be covered in case of illness.
  • Partial disability: You could receive 50% of your monthly benefit if you continue working part time.
  • Extension of the regular occupation period: This option allows you to increase the coverage period for your regular occupation from 2 to 5 years.
  • Return of premiums: With this option, half of all the premiums you paid for your insurance are returned to you, less all claims paid.

Additional riders:

  • Death, dismemberment or loss of use: Benefit of up to $350,000 after an accident
  • Accidental fracture: Benefit of up to $10,000 in case of accidental fracture.
  • Extended medical care: Reimbursement of expenses for medical care following an accident up to $100,000: hospitalization, ambulance, private home nursing, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist, medications, dental accident, etc.
  • Travel insurance: Reimbursement of emergency medical expenses up to $5 million in case of accident or illness, plus trip cancellation up to $5,000 per trip. Family coverage available.
Your contract may contain additional details and exclusions. These provisions prevail over all coverage mentioned on this page.