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Cancer Guard

Cancer Guard is simplified issue critical illness insurance designed to help you protect your finances following a cancer diagnosis covered by your policy.

What is Cancer Guard?

Cancer Guard is affordable critical illness insurance that is quick and easy to obtain. It helps you focus on your recovery and meet your financial obligations in the event of a cancer diagnosis, the most common critical illness in Canada.

You also have the possibility of adding optional coverages for cancers without risk of death and other common critical illnesses, such as stroke or heart attack.

No medical exam is required to obtain this protection. Simply answer a few questions.

How does it work?

Cancer Guard gives you the opportunity to receive a non-taxable lump-sum that can be used however you wish following the diagnosis of an illness. For example, this financial assistance may be used to meet your financial obligations, obtain home care, or pay for a trip so you can spend special moments with your loved ones.

To obtain this coverage, simply answer a few questions about your health, which will help you qualify for one of the three levels of coverage: Standard, Preferred or Preferred PLUS. In other words, the healthier you are, the lower the cost of your coverage!

It’s an ideal solution if you are:

  • Looking to get quick and easy coverage, without having to undergo a medical exam
  • A parent looking for affordable coverage to help you support your insured sick child during his or her recovery
  • In poor health, and have been previously denied for critical illness insurance coverage or fear that you will be denied
  • An employee or a self-employed worker looking for complete coverage in order maintain your financial health in the event of a cancer diagnosis
  • A newcomer to Canada looking for accessible critical illness insurance

Advantages of Cancer Guard

  • A non-taxable lump-sum payment
  • No medical exam or blood test required
  • The amount paid may be used however you wish, with no obligation on your part
  • Possibility, in some cases, of being insured the same day you apply
  • Affordable coverage for the most common critical illness in Canada
  • Included: unlimited access to MediGuide’s medical second opinion service

Additional information

  • Age at issue: 0 to 65 (varies based on the duration of coverage selected)
  • No medical exam required However, a short medical questionnaire must be completed in order to determine your eligibility and the maximum amount of coverage
  • Newcomers: those who have resided in Canada for at least 12 months may be eligible

The benefit amount varies based on the answers provided in the questionnaire and the health of the person to be insured. The different levels are as follows:

  • Standard: $5,000 to $50,000 (only two questions)
  • Preferred: $5,000 to $100,000 (only two questions)
  • Preferred PLUS: $5,000 to $150,000 (only one additional question)

Optional protection:

  • Prevention: coverage for three non-life threatening cancers. The amount of the benefit equals 50% of the amount of your Cancer Guard coverage up to $25,000.
  • Premium repayment: allows for the repayment of insurance premium payments. In case of death when the insured’s policy is in force, the payments made will be fully refunded. If no benefits have been paid, 50% of payments made will be reimbursed on your 75th birthday.
  • Accidental fracture: provides for the payment of a benefit of to $10,000 in case of accidental fracture.
  • Supplemental medical care in case of an accident: provides for the reimbursement of required medical care costs up to $100,000: hospitalization costs, transportation by ambulance, professional services (nurse, physiotherapy), etc.
  • Death, dismemberment, or loss of use following an accident (AD&D): provides for the payment of a percentage of the coverage in case of death, dismemberment, or loss of use.
  • Critical illness: makes it possible to enhance the coverage by adding five critical illnesses other than cancer, and five juvenile illnesses.

Cancer Guard includes free, unlimited access to the MediGuide medical second opinion service upon the diagnosis of a cancer or critical illness, whether or not covered by the policy. The service is provided by a team of expert consultants and is intended to diagnose and come up with a treatment plan. MediGuide helps you make the best decisions for your health.

Your contract may contain additional details and exclusions. These provisions prevail over all coverage mentioned on this page.