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About me

I joined iA Financial Group in February 2003. I was first attached to the Montréal-Maisonneuve Agency, then transferred to the new Duvernay (Laval) Agency in 2012. I also have almost five years' experience as Sales Manager (2006-2011).

I serve approximately 1,000 people and help them determine their financial goals with respect to retirement savings and insurance. I propose a savings strategy that focuses on divesification and discipline and that is based on the client's investment horizon, risk tolerance and total assets. I have $18.5M in assets under management.

I'm not only a financial security advisor, I am also a father, owner of a home in the suburbs and a taxpayer. I have lived same experiences as my clients, which enables me to step into their shoes when giving them financial advice.

As a certified professional with the Autorité des marchés financiers, I encourage you to confirm the validity of my AMF certification

A complete service offer to answer your needs


Because your needs change over time, I am committed to being there with you to propose the best coverage options based on your needs and your priorities.

Savings and retirement

Mutual funds are based on a simple principle : pooling your money with that of many other investors in order to offer you access to global markets and a large selection of investments, as well as the flexibility to invest whatever you want, whenever you want.

Why work with an advisor?

An advisor helps you make the best choices based on your reality and your needs. An advisor also helps you find your way in the sometimes complicated world of investments and insurance. By using the services of an advisor, you will:

  • Earn more money and learn where and when to invest
  • Receive a personalized financial plan that will help you achieve your objectives
  • Avoid flavours of the month and investment mistakes related to influences from the media and the people around you
  • Be able to weigh the pros and cons in terms of investments based on your investor profile and risk tolerance
  • Save time and enough money to carry out your projects
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Economic news with Sébastien Mc Mahon and his team

Sébastien Mc Mahon is the interim chief economist and portfolio manager at iA Financial Group. In addition to managing over seven billion dollars in assets, Mr. Mc Mahon is a senior economist and a member of the company’s Asset Allocation Committee. Since 2019, he has been the sole manager of the Selection and Focus fund families.

1 With Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc Financial Services firm.