Couple driving an old convertible.

iA Auto and Home Insurance clients can now rent out their vehicle with Turo!

In response to the growing role that the sharing economy plays in our society, iA Auto and Home Insurance is allowing its policyholders to list and rent out their vehicle on the Turo platform, as long as they first notify iA Auto and Home Insurance at 1-800-463-4382.

About Turo

Turo is a car rental platform on which travellers can rent a car from a community of owners in the U.S. and Canada. Travellers choose from a selection of nearby vehicles, while vehicle owners earn some extra money and help fuel the adventures of the travellers they meet.

About Turo

How does it work?

iA Auto and Home Insurance’s auto insurance policy covers the personal use of your own vehicle and does not therefore cover accidents arising during the delivery or rental of your vehicle. In these instances, Turo’s commercial insurance policy is what provides coverage.

For more information about their insurance coverage, visit the Turo site.

Important: you will need to keep your personal insurance policy to cover your vehicle during your personal use. You must notify iA Auto and Home Insurance at 1-800-463-4382 if you would like to list and rent out your vehicle with Turo.