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One of the most sophisticated life cycle solutions in Canada

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A well-diversified pre-built investment solution managed by experts

The ATTITUDE portfolios are designed to help plan members achieve financial security. They evolve alongside with life stages, from the moment they start investing in one of the portfolios, all the way through retirement.

They offer a diversified investment strategy for plan members interested in a simple but sophisticated, intuitive and easy-to-understand retirement savings solution.

ATTITUDE portfolios advantages


An easy-to-use investment option

Plan members have two simple questions to answer when choosing their portfolio. Investment professionals are then working on their behalf to manage their portfolio.


Smart solution

Each portfolio automatically evolves according to the plan member's target retirement period and risk tolerance, which eliminates the need by the plan member to actively manage their investments.


High performance

The solution offers a maximized return potential thanks to an optimal allocation by asset class, including direct alternative investments, allowing for greater diversification while mitigating the impact of market fluctuations on plan members' investments.

Glide path evolution

The portfolios’ glide path is designed to follow the three major phases of the plan members' retirement savings journey - accumulation, transition and decumulation - according to the five risk profiles, thus allowing to meet the needs of a wide range of investors from the most conservative to the most aggressive. We offer five choices depending on a member's personal "attitude" towards risk.

While all profiles start and end with similar asset allocations, the timing and rate of de-risking will be different depending on the plan members' tolerance for risk.

trajectoire-22-03-21-english Group 5 Accumulation 45 % 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 5 10 15 Transition Decumulation

Number of years before and after retirement

Aggressive Growth Balanced Moderate Conservative
Overview of the equity fund weighting glide path including the equity-like Diversified Alternatives fund.

Discover the composition of our portfolios

Choose your investor profile and a target retirement period.

Before retirement
After retirement

Would you like to know more about the ATTITUDE portfolios?

Our pre-built investment solution is the result of a thorough and complex evaluation, analysis and development process, described in detail in the following brochure. Check it out.

To have a better visibility of the overall performance of our ATTITUDE portfolios and better understand the management strategy behind this investment solution, you can also consult the ATTITUDE quarterly report.

To do so, if you are an advisor, log in to the Advisor Centre and search the ATTITUDE quarterly report in the document centre. If you are a plan sponsor or member, log in to My Client Space and search the report in Forms and Guides.

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