What is sustainable development?

1 min.

Yanick Morin, sustainable development advisor, talks about the three main pillars of sustainable development and how you can apply them in your day-to-day life.

We hear a lot about sustainable development, but what exactly does it mean? 

Sustainable development (SD) is the joint application of three principles: 

  • Maintain environmental integrity to ensure the health and security of human communities and life-sustaining ecosystems 
  • Ensure social equity to enable the complete fulfillment of all men and women, the development of communities and respect for diversity
  • Aim for economic efficiency to create an innovative and prosperous economy that is ecologically and socially responsible.1

The combined respect for these three principles and their integration into every development project makes it possible to ensure long-term growth and maintain or even improve our current quality of life and the life we leave to future generations.

This form of development requires us to rethink certain traditional consumption patterns or ways of doing things. 

Most of you are already applying several of these new habits. And it’s getting increasingly simple, affordable and enjoyable to adopt new ones. 

Don’t forget: you might already be doing more than you think in the area of sustainable development. And it’s easy to add new SD habits to your daily routine to improve your quality of life and that of your community. 

For more information about iA Financial Group’s sustainable development initiatives, take a look at our Sustainability Report on our website.

Enjoy living sustainably! 

1 http://www.environnement.gouv.qc.ca/developpement/definition_en.htm


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