Simplified issue life insurance: 3 reasons to enroll

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Simplified issue life insurance is an ideal option for people looking for insurance with a quick and easy enrolment process, as well as for those who have trouble getting regular life insurance.

Whether it’s because of age, pre-existing illnesses or concerns about an invasive process, taking out traditional life insurance can be a tedious and difficult task, sometimes even impossible. That’s why, whoever you are, simplified issue life insurance could be a great solution for you!

But what is it? Simplified issue life insurance offers life insurance coverage that, depending on your health status, offers permanent or term protection with fixed premiums and sometimes includes a cash value. Plus, acceptance is guaranteed!

Enrolment is quick and easy, though you will still need to answer a few questions about your health. But there’s no need to worry, simplified issue life insurance questionnaires are short and the process does not require any medical exams or blood tests.

Here are 3 reasons why so many people choose simplified issue life insurance:

  1. No medical exam
    Do you hate hospitals and tests of any kind? No problem, simplified issue life insurance doesn’t require any medical exams or blood tests.
  2. Quick enrolment
    We know that your time is valuable, and that’s why you can get insured the same day you take the questionnaire. Plus, it’s just a few simple questions!
  3. Guaranteed acceptance
    Are you worried that you might be denied life insurance for whatever reason? Whatever your health condition, acceptance is guaranteed.

At iA Financial Group, our simplified issue life insurance, Access Life, is a comprehensive and flexible solution that covers your needs now and in the future, whether it’s for a mortgage or to protect your family’s financial security. Plus, Access Life offers lots more, including for new immigrants and children!

Because everyone should have access to the peace of mind that life insurance can give you, contact a financial security advisor to learn more and take advantage of remote enrolment!


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