Making your home “greener”

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Do you want to have an eco-friendly home but the idea of investing time and money is discouraging? Here are five tips to help you have a greener home for not a lot of money.

There are all sorts of New Year’s resolutions. This year, we wanted to discuss resolutions that are both good for you and for the environment. Here is a list of simple changes to make your home “greener”.

1. Use a low-flow shower head

Did you know that a low-flow shower head only costs, on average, about $15 more than a standard shower head?1 This means that when you shower, you can reduce the amount of water you use by about three litres per minute. When buying a new shower head, look for the WaterSense label, which certifies that it is a quality product which uses less water.

2. Install a low-flow toilet

If your toilet is due to be replaced, think about replacing it with a low-flow toilet. Low-flow toilets reduce water consumption by half and use two to ten litres of water less per flush than older toilets.2

3. Use as little paint as possible in your home

Did you know that paint is very dangerous for the environment? That’s why it is recommended to paint as little as possible. If you must paint, it is best to use paint that is low in volatile organic compounds (VOC), available in most hardware stores. It is better for the environment, for you and for your pets.

4. Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Many cleaning products contain chemical or harmful components what contribute to water pollution, imbalances in aquatic ecosystems and excessive algae growth. To be more environmentally friendly, choose chemical-free, biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products. Not only are they better for the environment, they are also less harmful to your health and the health of your little ones, especially when they are an age where they touch everything.

5. Plant trees around your home

A good way to reduce air conditioning costs and cool your home naturally is to plant leafy trees on the south and west sides of your home. Trees create shade, which will lower the ambient temperature inside your home. They also have an essential role in protecting the environment, especially in the city, as trees are natural air purifiers. Among their benefits, trees produce the oxygen we breathe and reduce gaseous pollutants in the air. Pretty cool!3

Remember, making your home green can’t be done overnight. The important thing is to adopt good daily habits and gradually make changes that will help you have a positive, long-term impact on the environment.

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