Bike to work, safely

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Biking to work is an easy and eco-friendly way to stay in shape, but you must first get prepared

Choose the right bike
Determine how you will be using it. For example, if you’re going to brave curbs and potholes with your groceries on your back and work in your tail bag, you’ll probably need a sturdier bike or reinforced rims.

Choose a safe, enjoyable route
First, choose the most enjoyable and safest route. Your route will probably differ slightly from the one you would use if you were driving, generally more pleasant and shorter.

Choose the right equipment
Mudguards will protect your clothing; a bike rack, basket or tail bag will free up your hands; lights will extend your cycling season into the fall; and a bell will add a charming touch to the sounds of rush-hour traffic. Choose the right clothes in case of rain. Remember to get waterproof pants too, to make you’re nice and dry at work.

Get a good lock
When it comes to locks, the U-lock is the most recommended. Some companies, like iA, have installed lock holders on our premises. That means you can leave your lock at work and it will still be here in the morning. Don’t worry! Your lock will very quickly “sleep through the night”, safe and sound.

Participate in events
Keep informed of special events in your area. For example, some of our coworkers in Vancouver participate in the “bike to work” weeks and months. Over three years, they rode almost 6,000 km. In Quebec City, there’s the sans auto solo challenge, which promotes public and active transit, including cycling. Last year, 328 of our employees participated in this challenge.

There are still a few months left in the cycling season. Enjoy the fall colours, do something for your health, and roll on safely with a smile.


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