Tips for lowering your electricity bill this winter

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Does the deep freeze cause you to worry about your electricity bill? Don’t panic! Here are seven tips to help you reduce your electricity consumption.

1. Lower the room temperature by one degree

This simple action will help you save on your heating bill by five to seven percent without even realizing it. Additionally, by lowering the thermostat by three degrees Celsius overnight and when you’re away from your home, you will see a reduction in your electricity bill of four to five percent during the winter.1

2. Do your laundry less often

If you hate doing laundry, this tip is for you! A good way to lower your consumption is to make sure you have enough clothing to wash and do big loads less often rather than smaller loads more often. This simple action will help you make your home greener – you’ll be able to tell your sweetie there’s a good reason the laundry’s not done!

Tip: Washing your clothes in cold water will not only help you save on your electricity bill, it will also help your clothes come out of the wash less wrinkled and help your colours last longer.

3. Avoid “phantom loads”

Did you know that some appliances that seem turned off are, in actuality, using a certain amount of energy? For example, TVs and computers. If you don’t use certain appliances for a long period or if you go on vacation, think about unplugging them rather than simply shutting them off. You could save up to 10% on your electricity bill.2

4. Choose ENERGY STAR-certified appliances

The benefit of these appliances is that they are up to 25% more energy efficient than standard appliances. When the time comes to change your appliances, consider choosing Energy Star-certified appliances. It’s a good way to reduce your energy consumption without too much effort.

5. Save money by turning off the lights

By adopting the habit of turning off the lights when you’re not in a room, you can save on a portion of your heating costs, which represent five to ten percent of the house’s energy consumption. Moreover, by turning off exterior lights overnight, you will save up to $40 per year.3

6. Use sleep mode instead of screen savers

Did you know that screen savers and sleep mode are two completely different things? Contrary to popular belief, screen savers do not reduce energy consumption, whereas sleep mode does. Go to the Energy Star website to see how to put your device in sleep mode, depending on the type of device you have.

7. Play with your curtains to heat your home naturally

Did you know that by simply closing your curtains at night and opening them during the day can increase room temperature by an average of two degrees during the day, thanks to the sun? This represents a three-percent savings on your electricity bill4. Isn’t that great?

Now that you know these tips to help you save on your electricity bill, the only decision you have to make is which one to implement first!

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