Four reasons to get tenant insurance in 2023

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A home insurance for tenants policy covers a range of risks. And given its reasonable cost, it is impossible to pass it up!

Here are a few arguments to convince you that a home insurance policy is right for you.

1 – Cover your possessions

All the tenant’s belongings are covered under a home insurance policy. Your furniture, appliances, clothes and devices, your computer equipment and your personal belongings will all be replaced in the event of a loss. Certain types of belongings (such as art and jewelry) are subject to reimbursement limits. But whatever the case may be, fire, theft and water damage are unforgiving events.

Ideally, you would do an inventory of your things in advance: you would be surprised to find out how much you own! And without home insurance, a single disaster could force you to dig into your personal savings in order to cover the property damage. Instead, protect your savings and your peace of mind by getting your hands on a tenant insurance policy adapted to your specific situation. Keep calm and get an online quote in just a few minutes!

2 – Insure your civil liability

Civil liability coverage protects you against unintentional injury or property damage sustained by others. With coverage of at least two million dollars, the tenant would be insulated from the financial compensation required of them in the event that their civil liability is in question. For example, if your child’s friend is injured at your home while under your supervision, the civil liability part of your home insurance policy will take care of it.

Civil liability applies to all events in your private life, regardless of where they occur. This means that if you are responsible for accidental damages at a hotel, at a restaurant or at a friend’s house, the civil liability included in your home insurance covers, within the limits of your policy, the damages caused.

3 – Relocate easily, if need be

Home insurance can also compensate you for living expenses if you must relocate following a covered loss. For example, if a fire or flood renders your apartment uninhabitable, you can turn to your home insurance for reimbursement of certain additional expenses incurred while your home is under repair.

Whether you need to sleep in a hotel room, eat out at restaurants for inability to cook, or spend more on additional transportation, your home insurance policy covers certain expenses, according to the terms specified at the time of underwriting.

4 – Optimize your insurance portfolio

No two insurance policies are the same. Policyholders are oftentimes given the chance to upgrade their coverage by adding on additional benefits. Legal or identity theft insurance are two examples that could be of interest for tenants. And remember, most insurers offer discounts if you combine your home and auto insurance under the same contract!

Home Insurance: Get an online quote

You are not required by law to purchase home insurance for your apartment. However, for its low cost and with the significant repercussions that a loss can have, this coverage could save you a lot of trouble. Well then, are you ready to cross this important task off your list? Nothing could be simpler: get an online quote now and take advantage of the benefits that a home insurance policy has to offer.



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