Attics: Do you know why they’re useful?

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Did you know that it’s important to make sure that the attic of your home is in good condition? Here’s some information on this part of your home that’s not visible, but plays a crucial role in ventilation.

The role your attic plays

When we say “attic”, we’re referring to the space between the ceiling and the roof of your home. In most houses, it can be accessed through a hatch on the top floor. In some houses, it can also be accessed through an opening on the outside of the house.

The attic is where air moves between the outside and the inside of your house. This part of the house plays an essential role in ventilating and insulating your roof.

Warning signs of poor attic insulation

There are some warning signs that can indicate that there’s a problem with your attic.

For example, in the winter, you might notice ice forming along the edge of your roof. This happens when hot air inside your roof rises and melts the snow.

As it melts, the water runs down your roof and freezes with the cold. Ice build-up prevents water from draining away. During warm spells, melted water looks for a place to drain to and the ice prevents it from doing so. This allows water to seep into your home which can lead to damages, including water damage.

A poorly insulated or poorly ventilated roof can also cause condensation, which can cause other problems like ice inside the attic and even mould.

If you suspect a problem with your attic, don’t hesitate to contact a certified professional.

The solution is prevention!

It’s recommended that you inspect your attic once a year. You can do it yourself or call an expert.

During your inspection, if you see any moisture, mould, frost or ice, it’s a sign that your attic is not well insulated.

If you detect it early enough, you can avoid a lot of problems.

A well-ventilated and insulated attic will result in savings on your electricity bill.

Problems with your attic can have repercussions on your electricity bill. Poor ventilation or insulation will mean you have to heat or cool your home more.

Finally, remember that prevention is the best way to avoid damages.


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