5 tips for a successful move

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Have you just bought your dream home or are you moving into a new apartment? Before embarking on this new beginning, it’s important to take a few precautions!


  1. Contact your insurer
    Check with your insurance company to make sure your residence and belongings are covered the entire time that you are responsible for the premises. If you’ll be moving gradually, make sure you remain covered for both your old and your new residence.

    Don’t forget to notify your insurer of any changes and consider covering your belongings if you need to store them somewhere.

  2. Make sure your belongings will be covered during the move
    If you decide to use a moving company, make sure they have insurance that will cover your belongings during transport.

    If you choose to rent a moving truck, you must have “Borrowed or rented vehicle coverage” (Q.E.F. 27) on your insurance policy to be protected in case of an accident since it is a rented vehicle.

  3. Use proper equipment
    Do you prefer to move on your own? Make sure you are properly equipped. For example, use straps or a hand truck when moving heavy objects. This will prevent you from getting hurt or damaging your belongings.

  4. Properly install your appliances
    Every year, water damage occurs as a result of improper installation of washers, dishwashers or water dispenser refrigerators. It is therefore important to make sure valves are tightly closed when disconnecting hoses and pipes from your appliances.

    Once in your new residence, make sure your appliance connections are watertight or ask a professional if necessary.

    When moving your refrigerator or freezer involves laying them down horizontally, it is recommended to wait five hours before plugging them back in to allow their fluids to settle.

  5. Do your change of address as soon as possible
    When moving, many factors can change your insurance needs, such as the type of building, location, year of construction, etc. It is therefore essential to inform your insurer of your move as soon as possible.

    Also, to make things easier for you, here is a checklist  to help you make all necessary address changes.

    In addition, to make sure you don’t forget anything, you can request mail forwarding from Canada Post.


We wish you a good move and many happy moments in your new residence!


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