Vincenzo Ciampi – The rallying motivator

Senior Vice-President, Global Client Experience
With a wealth of experience that’s brought him to various cities and markets, Vincenzo Ciampi has, by joining the iA Financial Group family, found the perfect opportunity to pursue his evolution in a country and domain with which he’s familiar and of which he’s particularly fond.

Vincenzo has a long history in insurance and financial services. He found his first job in the industry after getting wind of a major insurance company’s recruitment campaign from among students in an interactive course on organizational behaviour that he had just taken at McGill University. With his knack for simplifying complex products and understanding client motivations, he secured a position with London Life as a group insurance and pension plan representative.

His current position with iA marks his third foray into the industry. Driven by his deep curiosity and a sharp sense of opportunity, Vincenzo has worked in a variety of fields and in many different cities, though always with responsibilities of national scope.

“Canada is a market I know well, having grown up in Ontario and worked for 29 years in different cities—but always in national roles.”

Embracing the world and its diversity

Vincenzo got taste of the wider world at an early age. He spent the first 19 years of his life in various locations across the globe, including in Zambia in southern Africa, where his parents enrolled him in the local schools. This formative experience with difference is part of his DNA—and also that of his sister, who lives in Kenya and works for a women’s aid organization. Vincenzo has also worked and lived in Italy, England and three Canadian cities.

Vincenzo’s community spirit is also reflected in his support of organizations like Leucan—for which he will soon participate in the Shaved Head Challenge for a second consecutive year—and the Montreal General Hospital, an inclusive institution for which he acts as Director for both the Foundation and Corporation.

“Being a leader comes with certain responsibilities. In addition to effectively managing a team, a good leader also plays the role of mentor or social actor. We have to use our influence to promote and enrich our community.”

Close ties to reach greater heights

Vincenzo has three main passions: family, basketball and music. He’s been singing and strumming on the guitar since he was a just boy. But whether he’s playing some ball with his teammates or harmonizing with his friends, Vincenzo feels his best around others, sharing in moments of joy.

This human touch has helped him overcome countless challenges over his career. Many laud his ability to spark peoples’ intrinsic motivation and rally everyone toward a common goal.

“No matter where I’ve been, I’m proud to have always focused on stakeholder cooperation. I’ve found that working on common goals and defining our focal points together is what really makes a difference, as it helps make change appealing and unites everyone around a common objective.”

Vincenzo will obviously be building on this approach to propel Global Client Experience forward. In a fiercely competitive universe, his clear-sighted watch over the markets and industry innovations supplies endless fuel for him to reach for the stars. The objectives are ambitious for 2030, especially increasing the number of products per client and improving Canada-wide brand awareness, but—in business as in basketball—a close-knit, well-balanced and highly motivated team will take you far. And this team, with coach Vincenzo on the sidelines, can afford to dream big.