Marie-Annick Bonneau – Champion of corporate value

Senior Vice-President, Investor Relations, Capital Management, Sustainability and Public Affairs
Whatever mandate she’s given, Marie-Annick Bonneau uses her expertise and constant desire to learn and grow to ensure that iA Financial Group shines in the eyes of its stakeholders.

After studying law, Marie-Annick joined iA Financial Group in 1995 as a legal advisor, rising to director in 2005. She focused mainly on commercial work, which led her to develop her interest in finance and to complete a Master's degree in Business Administration, an excellent complement to her other achievements.

As a curious and passionate person, she then turned her focus to regulatory and operational risk management, becoming Director and Chief Compliance Officer, before exploring the field of investor relations and public affairs, also as Director. Since 2019, she has regularly added new strings to her bow, such as sustainability and philanthropy, which are in line with her deeply held personal values. In early 2024, she became Senior Vice-President, Investor Relations, Capital Management, Sustainability and Public Affairs. A title that says a lot about her versatility!

At first glance, these responsibilities may not seem related, some strictly financial, others involving our positive impact on society, but what they all have in common is promoting the value of the company and its capital. This requires intellectual curiosity and a broad overall perspective to understand the interactions between the different parties. An ability to learn is indispensable. Marie-Annick and her team always have to be up to date on the latest developments in each field. Communication and openness to learning from others are also essential in effectively reporting the company’s financial and non-financial performance: “Good communication, for me, also means knowing how to listen.”

To unwind, Marie-Annick loves to run and walk. “As soon as I’m outside, I find my balance.” She also likes being creative in the kitchen: “For some time now, I’ve also been working on vegetarian dishes, as part of my commitment to sustainability!” Because she reads so much for work, she usually saves her leisure reading for vacations!

As part of her involvement in the community, Marie-Annick is a member of the Finance Montréal Board of Directors Sustainable Finance Committee. She also sits on various other committees in the industry, including the Sustainable Finance Virtual Network of the Canadian Fixed-Income Forum, a group set up by the Bank of Canada. She takes part in a number of events and gives talks to pass on her expertise and draw inspiration from others. In addition to her industry work, Marie-Annick is also on the Board of Directors of the Little Brothers Foundation, which works to alleviate social isolation of the elderly, and of the Fondation du Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (Quebec City fine arts museum). “The museum has an educational mission that aligns with my values. In a broader sense, I believe that having access to beauty, whether in nature or through art, is beneficial for mental health.”

Looking forward to the future, Marie-Annick is very happy with the way iA Financial Group prioritizes its stakeholders, clients, distributors, employees, shareholders and communities. She would also like to see a more widespread understanding of sustainability. “Sustainability means taking into account factors related to the environment, our social impact, including on our clientele and our employees, and governance into the development and execution of our strategy. For certain components of this, such as reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, specific efforts are required, but for others, such as treating our clients fairly, each and every one of our employees can make a positive contribution by focusing on the client experience and doing their job effectively. Our clients also have the power to change things, in concert with us, through the choices they make from the options we offer, for example, by investing in socially responsible investment funds.”

Finally, in all her different roles, there has always been one constant that has marked Marie-Annick’s journey. Throughout her career, she has always placed ethics and values at the heart of her concerns. She wants to do the right things for the right reasons, with consistency and transparency. Just like iA Financial Group itself!