Valérie Lelièvre – The pioneer of the future

Vice-President, Growth Hub, Global Client Experience
After travelling all around the world, Valérie Lelièvre came home to Quebec, where she grew up, to pursue her career. But her ambition and determination to drive projects forward haven’t slowed down in the slightest. On the contrary, Valérie has big ambitions for the Growth Hub.

A wide range of experiences

Valérie comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has always been interested in management. This first led her to pursue her business career abroad in South America and Europe.

“I spent the first five years of my career internationally, in Mexico, Brazil, France, England and Spain. I still enjoy seeing the world and discovering new cultures, but today, it’s mostly through family vacations that I explore other countries, or through reading.”

After five years abroad, Valérie stowed her luggage and went to work for a major accountancy firm, where she honed her planning and management skills. Eager to continue her career development, she joined iA Financial Group in 2014, first in Group Insurance and Savings and then in Individual Insurance, Savings and Retirement. Since 2023, this Harvard Business School MBA graduate has been steering the very promising Growth Hub.

“At iA Financial Group, I immediately appreciated the support for personal development, the openness to internal mobility and the opportunities for career development. These key features of the company have been valuable to me on a personal level.”

A focus on collaboration

Another of Valérie’s intrinsic motivations is to build the iA of tomorrow.

“What makes me proud is when we're able to put new things in place and use them to help people develop. I’m also motivated by creating value. That’s what I’d like to leave as my legacy from my time with the Growth Hub.”

In her work, she relies on people who are curious, dynamic and eager to learn.“Those are the qualities I value most!”

Valérie’s colleagues praise her active listening skills and spirit of collaboration. She is a facilitator who is quick to understand each person’s situation. These qualities enable her to bring people together and rally them towards shared goals to the benefit of the whole group. Valérie has worked to bring many such projects to fruition since 2014.

An eye to the future

On the community front, Valérie puts her expertise to work as a member of the board of directors for ÉducÉpargne, a non-governmental organization that raises awareness about the importance of saving. She is also involved in industry committees such as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) committee for LIMRA. As a mother to two children, aged 10 and 12, she is also hoping to get involved with causes related to childhood and poverty, both locally and internationally, in the near future.

It's with her family that Valérie recharges her batteries and restores her energy. Whether it’s downhill skiing or mountain biking, most of her weekends are spent outdoors, or around a table with good friends.

Then, she’s back at work, ready to tackle new challenges. One of her current priorities is increasing the number of products per client. The goal of this challenge is determining, for each iA client, the next best thing we can do for them to fulfill our raison d’être: making our customers feel confident and secure about their future.