Free critical illness insurance coverage for children aged 2 to 5.

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$2,000 coverage for 12 months

Receive a free mini first aid kit*

  • Designed to help you financially so you can take care of your child after a critical illness diagnosis
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Any child from the same family aged between 2 and 5 years inclusively who has not received a critical illness diagnosis as of the date of enrolment in the Kiddy Plan. To be eligible, the child whose name appears on the enrolment form must permanently reside in Quebec during the coverage period. A single critical illness insurance policy is issued for all eligible children of the same family, who are insured under a single contract. Lifetime limit of a single free critical illness insurance coverage per child.

The insurance takes effect on the date the enrolment form is received by the iA Financial Group head office. The coverage period is for 12 months.

Termination of coverage

The coverage for all children insured under this policy terminates when the first of the following events occurs: on the date the critical illness benefit is paid to the policyholder after one of the insured children is diagnosed with a critical illness; or twelve months after the date this policy takes effect.

Diagnosis outside of Canada

If a critical illness is diagnosed outside of Canada by a medical specialist in a jurisdiction deemed acceptable by iA Financial Group, the benefit will be payable only if all of the following conditions are satisfied:

The complete medical records are made available to the Company.

Based on these medical records, the Company is satisfied that:

  • The same diagnosis would have been prescribed if the illness had been diagnosed by a medical doctor practising in Canada.
  • The same treatment, including the particular surgical procedure, if any, would have been recommended if treatment had been administered in Canada.
  • The same treatment would have been prescribed under Canadian standards.

The Company may require that the insured undergo an independent medical examination by a physician appointed by the Company. In the case of elective surgery, such examination must be completed before surgery is performed.

The benefit paid on diagnosis of a critical illness is $2,000. When more than one child is insured under this policy, the benefit is payable once, in a single payment to the policyholder, on the first diagnosis of a critical illness.

The benefit is only payable if it is the first occurrence of a critical illness. The diagnosis of a critical illness must be made by a medical specialist authorized to practise in Canada in accordance with the definitions of covered illnesses or conditions (“medical conditions”) for this policy.

If the diagnostic techniques for a critical illness are not indicated in the description of the said critical illness in the “Medical conditions covered by the insurance policy,” the diagnosis must be made by a medical specialist, authorized to practise in Canada and confirmed by modern and usually used investigative techniques relating to this illness at the time settlement is requested.

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