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EcoStrategist, our economic and financial bulletin, provides a comprehensive review of Canadian and international investment funds, interest rates and financial strategies.

Annual bulletins (The archives are available on request at
2020 December 31 Outlook for 2021: after the virus comes the vaccine! (pdf, 6.4 MB)
Monthly bulletins (The archives are available on request at
2021 December 31 2022: the year of uncertainty? (pdf, 1005.77 kB)
2021 November 30 Omicron: a glint of uncertainty? (pdf, 1019.7 kB)
2021 October 31 Signs of mitigating “transitory” inflation (pdf, 1019.05 kB)
2021 September 30 The Fed about to lift its foot off the pedal (pdf, 706.24 kB)
2021 August 31 Between the Delta variant and historic stock market highs (pdf, 757.35 kB)
2021 July 31 Commerce: inflationist pressure persists (pdf, 716.8 kB)
2021 June 30 TSX: the Canadian market attractive compared to the S&P 500! (pdf, 739.4 kB)
2021 May 31 Vaccination: Canada takes the lead for the first dose! (pdf, 658.07 kB)
2021 April 30 Canada's first budget in two years (pdf, 520.15 kB)
2021 March 31 U.S. stimulus package: The checks are in the bank! (pdf, 477.93 kB)
2021 February 28 Is the U.S. economy at risk of overheating? (pdf, 498.17 kB)
2021 January 31 Signs of complacency in the stock market? (pdf, 495.14 kB)
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