7 vacation safety tips

2 min.

Here are our 7 tips for keeping you and your belongings safe while you're on vacation. Travel with peace of mind.

Ready for a vacation? Whether you’re staying at a five-star hotel or camping out under the stars, peace of mind is key to a successful vacation.

Here’s our checklist to help you plan a safe vacation.

1. My home

  • I ask a neighbour or a friend to collect my mail, turn lights on and off as needed, open and close the curtains and cut the grass while I’m away. I can also suspend mail and newspaper delivery.
  • I store valuable belongings and important documents in a safety deposit box. It is a good idea to not keep cash in my home.
  • I position my blinds and curtains so that no one can see inside.
  • I lock all doors and windows.
  • I turn on my front and back door lights. I can also put my lights on a timer.

2. My travel reservations

  • I make sure that the booking website is trustworthy and secure. Many sites offer vacation packages at low prices; however, some deals may be too good to be true. Before sending my payment, I make sure that “https” appears in the website URL.

3. My social media posts

4. My confidential numbers

  • I make a list of my passport, credit card, debit card, traveller’s cheque, etc. information and keep it in a reference document like an encrypted USB key.

5. My mobile and electronic devices

  • I make sure to have copies of my important documents and to store them on an external device.
  • I update the required security software and patches on my devices.
  • I know that border agents are legally entitled to force me to disclose my phone and computer passwords.
  • When not using my electronic devices, I turn them off. I do not put them in standby mode.

6. My baggage

  • I identify my luggage discretely or using my work address, I lock them and travel with the minimum baggage required.
  • I carry my money and identification in a pouch inside my clothing while keeping a photocopy of important documents in another location.
  • I bring a charger for my devices. Beware of free USB charging stations: they may be infected with malware.
  • I never leave my valuables unattended, whether in the car, at the hotel or on the beach.
  • I make sure to have in my possession vital information, like important telephone numbers, addresses, accommodations.

7. My travel insurance

  • Before I leave, I get travel insurance to make sure I’m protected, no matter what happens. Travel insurance is crucial for vacations, whether it’s abroad or just to another province.

Now that you know what to do before and during your vacation to have peace of mind, all that’s left to do is leave!


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