How you can get involved in the community

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It’s not always easy to choose a cause to support. Here are different ways to pay it forward.

Choose a cause close to your heart or where you can make a difference that fits your busy schedule. Social engagement can take many forms; by becoming involved, regardless of how, you are helping people in need.

Donate materials
Donating materials, like making a cash donation to an organization close to your heart, is a good way to invest without it affecting your busy schedule. At iA Financial Group, our annual philanthropic contest allows us to donate over $300,000 to ten charities to help them fund projects that allow them to give even more help.

In addition to a personal donation, you can invite people to also donate, by contributing collectively to fundraisers.

Remember that in addition to cash donations, you can also donate objects like clothing, books or used toys to libraries, toy libraries and community centres. These organizations are always in need.

Donate time and skills
Another way to help the community is to give of your time or skills. Many organizations want people to become involved as regular volunteers or on their board of directors. In the short-term, you can provide ad hoc assistance, do chores or participate in a special day of caring.

That’s what we do at iA Financial Group with our annual employee Day of Caring each May. Dozens of groups of employees from our different teams and offices across Canada work with various organizations to lend a helping hand, whether it’s cutting veggies at a food kitchen or organizing a special activity at a care home.

Good deeds
Obviously, you can get involved by doing spontaneous altruistic deeds every day. Helping someone cross the street, carry someone’s bags or giving directions to a stranger who appears lost gives people comfort and makes them smile. Opening doors or lending a helping hand can be literal as it can be figurative.

In short, regardless of what project inspires you, we hope you’ll pay it forward and do your part for the community.


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