7 travel essentials for your health and safety

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Here are 7 often overlooked travel essentials to help you enjoy safe travels.

You probably can’t wait to relax on the beach or explore places unknown! Unfortunately, many of us don’t worry about the unexpected when we travel, especially with it comes to health and safety.

Follow these tips to travel with peace of mind:

  1. Copies of your passport
    Bring along two copies of the identification page of your passport and place them in different areas of your luggage.
  2. Verify your group insurance
    See if you have travel insurance under your group insurance plan. If you don’t, see if you can buy individual travel insurance.
  3. Bring your group insurance card
    Do you have travel insurance under your group insurance plan? Remember to bring your card with you as proof of coverage.
  4. Think about your prescription drugs
    Bring enough of your daily prescription medications to last through your trip. Remember to bring the actual prescriptions with you – they may be useful.
  5. Check for active travel advisories
    Refer to the Government of Canada’s website to see if there are travel advisories for your destination that may impact your trip.
  6. Bring proof of travel insurance
    Did you buy individual travel insurance? Remember to bring proof of insurance, as some countries, like Cuba, require it upon arrival.
  7. Insurance for students
    Students travelling outside the province must make sure they maintain their provincial insurance coverage. Visit your provincial government’s website for more information about its health insurance program.
  8. COVID-19: Before you go
    The COVID-19 pandemic has added a few extra steps you need to take before you head out on your adventure. Don’t forget to check that you’ll be able to meet the public health requirements before you leave, both for your destination and for returning home.
    For all the COVID-19 pandemic travel measures you’ll need to follow, see the Travel page on the Government of Canada website. You may also want to check whether your travel insurance covers COVID-19. If you’re an iA client, don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you have about your coverage.

Planning ahead may seem tedious, but it could help you avoid headaches that would be much harder to manage when you get home. We advise you to be well-prepared so that you can enjoy your trip.

Bon voyage!


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