6 tips to prevent house fire risks

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A house fire can start quickly and have serious consequences, both on the human level and on the physical property level.

Because your safety and that of your loved ones is important to us, here are a few tips to help reduce the risk of a fire.

Be careful of distractions when cooking

Did you know that most residential building fires start in the kitchen?

To reduce the risk of a fire, here are a few habits to adopt:

  • Use a timer to remind you that you have something on the stove. You never know when you’ll have to answer the door or the phone.
  • Clean cooking surfaces and the hood on a regular basis. Grease can build up and catch fire at high temperatures.
  • Be careful when using a fondue burner and don’t add fuel when it’s hot. Instead, use a second burner or simply an electric fondue pot.

Be careful when using cooking oil!

Cooking oil is a combustible liquid that can catch fire at high temperatures. The more oil, the higher the risk of fire.

Heating up the oil in a high temperature pot on a hotplate can have serious consequences. In just seconds, the oil could catch fire and cause a house fire.

To fry your food safely, it is recommended to use a fryer with a thermostat so that you can control the temperature of the oil. 

Be careful when lighting candles

Candles provide great ambiance in your home. However, they can cause serious damage if not handled with care:

  • Never leave candles lit near flammable objects (curtains, tablecloths, decorations or clothing).
  • Blow out candles when they melt to five (5) cm from the base of the candle holder.
  • Use solid and fireproof candle holders. Make sure they are big enough to catch melting wax.
  • Never leave lit candles unattended and make sure to put them out before going to bed.
  • Keep candles away from children and animals.

Learn more about our tips regarding the use of candles

Use electrical appliances carefully

When using electrical appliances, it is important to be vigilant:

  • Avoid plugging several extension cords together.
  • Make sure to not overload electrical circuits. As needed, contact a master electrician.
  • Keep objects and clothing away from electric baseboards.

Remember to maintain your clothes dryer

Every year, fires are caused by improper dryer maintenance. Here are a few tips for preventing a fire:

  • Make sure the hot air vents outside.
  • Clean out the dryer vent regularly. Despite the presence of a filter, lint may build up over time.
  • Remove lint from the filter after each use.
  • Never run the clothes dryer when you leave your home.

Carefully handle hot ashes

Improper storage of hot ashes is also a major cause of fire. To learn more about the best way to safely dispose of hot ashes, read our article on preventing fires started by hot ashes. 

We invite you to share these best practices with your family members. We hope our tips are useful and help you protect what's most precious to you.


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