5 Quick and Easy Tips for Effective House Cleaning

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Most people don’t love to clean. Does that sound like you? Here are some easy tips to help make your house cleaning faster and more efficient!

Organize and toss

Before getting started on the cleaning, sort through everything and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Decide whether they should be tossed, donated or recycled. It feels so good to clear everything out! Go through your pantry, your closets and your bookshelves. It will be much easier to tackle the cleaning once the house is organized.

Dust everything

If you start by dusting, the rest of the cleaning will be much easier. This way, you’ll avoid spreading the dust everywhere. Don’t forget your light fixtures, your baseboards and your furniture.

Tackle it as a team

Make it a family activity! Make it a fun event by approaching each task with positivity. Play some upbeat music, make snacks and have surprises at the end of the day to motivate your troops.

Time to clean!

Armed with rags and soapy water, take on the big clean. Go from top to bottom and be methodical, so that you don’t forget anything. Start with the ceilings, then the walls, windows and baseboards and, finally, the floors.

Take notes

As you clean your way through your home, you’ll probably find things you want to improve. Take notes on repairs that need to be done, as well as any decor inspiration you think of while cleaning. This is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your home.


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