The benefits of physical activity at work

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Join Catherine and Caroline, and discover the health and wellness initiatives that make a difference in the quality of employees’ lives.

Did you know that one in two workers (55%) would change jobs if promised conditions that provide better work/life balance1?

It is therefore important, when job hunting, to consider not only the salary and vacation time, but also the health and wellness initiatives offered by your potential employer.

For many, the possibility of being more physically active at work, whether before work, at lunchtime or after work, is important and can make all the difference when choosing an employer.

The benefits of physical activity

Being active, in any form, will help you stay in shape and reduces the risk of cancer and high blood pressure2. Physical activity also helps you sleep better3.

The psychological effects of being active include a decrease in the number and severity of depression and anxiety symptoms, and an improved ability to manage stress4.

You will also see an impact on your cognitive performance. In fact, being active every day can improve your performance by 15%5.

Where do you start?

There are several ways to include physical activity in your daily life and there is no best time or way to be active. Just start with activities you enjoy, whether it’s running, playing a team sport or even walking, and do it whenever you can, a few times a week.

There are also factors can facilitate finding work/life balance. It’s easier to make time to be active if you work near a green space, a stream or lake, or a gym.

A flexible work schedule is another factor that will help you be more active when it’s suitable for you, while respecting your reality. A corporate culture that promotes physical activity and motivates employees to get moving is an asset when choosing an employer.

Did you know that many professional services associated with physical activity, such as physiotherapy, may be covered under your group insurance plan? Some employers also have reimbursement programs for certain health-related expenses. These programs provide an annual amount to employees to encourage them to take a class or participate in a sporting event. Remember to see what other initiatives, services and programs are offered by your employer.

Health at iA

As an employer, we believe it is important to provide several ways to encourage employees to be active. iA Health, our Canada-wide health and wellness program, implements many initiatives (there’s something for everyone, no matter your fitness level), such as group classes, a free gym for employees, outdoor yoga classes, showers, and bike storage spaces.

To learn more

To learn more about our global health initiatives or the initiatives of your potential employers, visit the various company websites, follow the companies on social media, and ask questions during the recruiting process.

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