Home insurance
for condominium owners

Home insurance for condominium owners covers your personal property and improvements to your unit. Condo insurance also protects you against the financial consequences of civil liability for personal injury or property damage caused unintentionally to others.

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Basic insurance

As a condominium owner, you must have civil liability insurance to cover any damages you may unintentionally cause to others.

Ensure that you have enough civil liability coverage.

The minimum insurance amount that each condo owner must take out is:

  • $1 million if the building has less than 13 units
  • $2 million if the building has 13 units or more

Specified perils coverage for your personal property and condo unit upgrades covers the insurable perils named in your condo insurance policy, such as fire, theft and vandalism. 

Here are a few examples of upgrades to your unit that are covered by specified perils coverage:

  • You changed your melamine cupboards to wood cupboards.
  • You replaced the carpet in your living room with hardwood.
  • You decided to increase the quality of your unit by choosing a quartz countertop that was not included in the standard unit.

All-risk coverage does more than just protect your condominium. It also protects its contents (furniture, tools, computer, etc.) against all risks that are not specifically excluded as well as improvements to your condo. Your personal property may be covered even when it is outside your home. It also includes coverage in the event your homeowners association has insufficient or no insurance.

Here are a few examples of perils typically covered by all-risk coverage:

  • You go on a trip and lose your luggage.
  • You forget your glasses in a restaurant, and when you go back, you can't find them.
  • You drop your tablet on the fllor and it breaks.
  • Your dog tears up your couch.

It's important for your condo to be protected against all the risks to which it could be exposed.

You can add additional coverage to your home insurance policy for:

  • Sewer backup
  • Water seepage
  • Other coverage options

Our home and auto insurance products are available only in the province of Quebec.

* Some conditions apply. Subject to change without notice.

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