Home insurance for tenants

As a tenant, you are liable for any damage you may cause to the building or the property of other tenants in your building. A home insurance policy for tenants of an apartment or dwelling will prevent you from losing everything you own or having to compensate other people yourself in the event of a loss.

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Basic insurance

Basic insurance includes liability coverage for any damage you may cause to others.

Specified perils coverage covers only the insurable risks listed in your home insurance policy, such as fire, theft and vandalism. If you don’t own a lot of valuable property or your budget is limited, we have tenant insurance that’s right for you.

All-risk coverage protects your personal property against all risks that are not specifically excluded. Your personal property may be covered even when it is outside your apartment.

Examples of losses:
  • You go on a trip and lose your luggage.
  • You forget your camera at a restaurant, but when you go back to find it, it’s gone.
Examples of accidental breakage:
  • Your dog wrecks your furniture while you’re gone.
  • Your niece drops your computer.
  • Your son doodles on your bedroom furniture.
  • To protect your personal property even when it is outside your apartment
  • To protect yourself against damage you may accidentally cause to the building where you live or to other tenants’ property
  • To support yourself if your apartment becomes uninhabitable following a loss

Our home and auto insurance products are available only in the province of Quebec.