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You should be aware that your landlord's home insurance does not cover your personal belongings. So to be properly covered in the event of a claim, tenants need to insure their belongings against fire, theft and vandalism.

Home insurance for tenants will cover you if you damage the building or the property of other tenants in your building. This insurance will cover your belongings and will save you from having to pay compensation to other tenants in your building in the event of a claim.

To be protected at all times, tenants can also add all-risk coverage to their home insurance policy, covering tenants' belongings even when they are not in the unit (for example, a bike).

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Protect your valuables starting at just $15 per month!*

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Basic insurance

Home insurance for tenants includes civil liability coverage for any damage you may cause to others.

For example:

  • The tenant upstairs trips on an object you left on the stairs of your building and is seriously injured.
  • Your bathtub overflows and causes water damage in the apartment below you.

Specified perils coverage covers only the insurable risks listed in your tenant home insurance policy. The most common perils specified in home insurance are fire, theft and vandalism. 

Here are a few examples of what specified perils coverage usually covers:

  • Fire: you accidentally set your rental unit on fire by leaving a frying pan on the stovetop.
  • Theft and vandalism: a burglar steals your electronics (computer, TV, etc.) and ransacks your apartment.

If you're a tenant and don’t own a lot of valuables or you're on a tight budget, we have tenant insurance that’s right for you.

All perils coverage protects your property against all risks that are not specifically excluded from your tenant home insurance policy. With this coverage, your belongings can be protected if they are not in your apartment.

For example:

  • You go on a trip and lose your luggage.
  • You forget your camera at a restaurant and, when you go back, you can't find it.
  • Your niece drops your computer and it breaks.
  • To protect your personal property even when it's not in your unit.
  • To protect yourself against damage you may accidentally cause to the building where you live or to other tenants’ property.
  • To cover your needs if your apartment becomes uninhabitable following a loss.

Our home and auto insurance products are available only in the province of Quebec.

*Some conditions apply. Subject to change without notice.

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