Tenant Insurance

As a tenant, you are responsible for any damage you might cause to the building in which you live or to the property of other tenants living there. Tenant insurance will keep you from losing everything you own and from having to compensate others yourself for losses incurred.

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Specified Perils

Specified perils coverage covers losses caused by perils such as fire and theft that are named, or specified, in your home insurance policy. If you feel that your personal assets are not of significant value or are on a tight budget, we have a tenant insurance package that’s just right for you.


All Risks

All risks coverage protects your personal property (contents) against loss or damage caused by any risk that is not specifically excluded (not covered) in your policy.  Your belongings may even be insured when they are outside your apartment.

Examples of loss:

  • You leave on vacation and lose your luggage. You forget your camera at a restaurant, go back to get it, and it’s gone.

Examples of accidental damage:

  • Your dog chews on your furniture while you are away from home. Your niece drops your laptop. Your son doodles all over your bedroom furniture.

Our home insurance products are only available in the province of Quebec.

Why buy Insurance?

  • To protect your personal property, even when it is temporarily outside your home.
  • To protect yourself against accidental damage that you may cause to any part of the building in which you live or to others who live there and their belongings.
  • To cover your living expenses should loss or damage force you to live elsewhere temporarily.