Emily Franklin

  • One-year-old daughter to Sarah and Derek Franklin
  • Parent's annual income = $130,000
  • Current mortgage = $240,000

Introducing the EquiBuild 15-year Payment

Universal life insurance suitable for any stage of life, Emily’s parents choose EquiBuild 15-year Payment for their daughter. For young children like Emily, it provides benefits such as being premium-free at adulthood, as well as access to high cash values for major life milestones. Also, due to Emily’s young age, she can benefit from the long-term growth of the death benefit thanks to the EquiBuild annual bonus that allows her to purchase paid-up additional insurance.

Her parents can feel secure knowing that their premiums will never increase and their daughter has guaranteed insurability, which can allow her to increase her coverage at certain life events without any additional medical proof.

EquiBuild - the first universal life insurance product that combines strong guaranteed cash surrender values and paid-up additional insurance – focusing on liquidity, growth and security.


Emily – One year old
Guaranteed face amount: $50, 000
Guaranteed monthly premium: $52

Emily at: 30 years 50 years 65 years
Guaranteed cash surrender value $7,000 $18,000 $33,500
Total cash surrender value* $9,600 $30,500 $62,000

Total face amount at 85: $147,000

*Based on an EquiBuild fund declared rate of 5.5%. The total cash surrender value includes the guaranteed cash surrender value, the cash surrender value bought through paid-up insurance and the investment income tax refund (IIT). 

Why is EquiBuild 15-year Payment the best choice for the Franklins?

  • Permanent life insurance with premiums that will never increase
  • The policy is free of payment after 15 years guaranteed
  • Access to high cash values for personal projects or life milestones
  • Long-term growth of the death benefit 


EquiBuild is also a great option for

  • Millenials looking for flexibility, such as easy access to liquidity that allows them to take a premium holiday in case of unforeseen events
  • Pre-retirees looking for additional retirement income and looking to leave a legacy

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