Health and Medical Services

Our employees draw upon their expertise as health specialists to evaluate our clients’ files, ultimately ensuring their well-being and financial security.


Over 200,000 insurance claims to evaluate annually


Over 70 underwriting specialists across our 17 Canadian subsidiaries


Health-related jobs available in several business lines, including group insurance, life insurance and disability insurance

Working for us means…

  • Merging analysis with human relations, drawing upon your knowledge of a health-related field such as kinesiology, occupational therapy or nursing
  • Being responsible for the analysis of life insurance, disability or critical illness claims and relying on your expertise to make sound underwriting decisions
  • Embarking upon a stimulating and rewarding career armed with new skills and knowledge acquired through professional development courses
  • Combining your passion for healthcare with the discovery of new fields, such as law and taxation, in a flexible working environment

Potential career opportunities

  • Disability Analyst
  • Underwriter
  • Health and Dental Analyst
  • Regulatory Analyst