Annie Landry’s iA story

Annie has always been fascinated by the human body and its mysteries. “As soon as I started my college nursing program in Sept-Îles, I knew that working in health was for me. I worked for a year in a medical unit, but I needed more of a challenge. Then I started working in a general intensive care unit, where I really deepened my medical knowledge. After that, I moved to Quebec City and started a new job in the cardiac surgery intensive care unit at the Quebec Heart Institute, while working on my bachelor’s degree in nursing part-time.”

Exciting challenges with a balanced work environment
Annie really enjoyed her job and the challenges she faced there. However, she says that working in health care also had its drawbacks. “I started looking for a job that would be just as challenging, but that would have better working conditions. An acquaintance told me about iA Financial Group and the jobs they have in health. The position of underwriter in individual insurance seemed perfect for me and I was not disappointed.”

Many different ways to find fulfillment
“As soon as I joined the iA Financial Group family, I was charmed by the company's vision and values: teamwork, high-performance environment, continuous improvement, respect for individuals, and service. My employer helped me complete my bachelor’s in nursing by offering me flexible hours and reimbursing me for courses relevant to my work. I have also been able to continue my development thanks to the medical training and the English and insurance courses offered by the company.

My job as an underwriter allows me to continue to use my medical knowledge. Every day, I assess the health of clients and each case is different. But underwriting is more than just risk analysis. I also have the opportunity to work on special projects, share my knowledge, continue to learn, and grow in my work. There are great opportunities for advancement and our managers are attentive to our needs. They know how to capitalize on our strengths to help us and the company progress. 

From a personal standpoint, flexible hours and telecommuting allow me to be present as a mom for my family. The company really cares about work-life balance and it shows. I've been working at iA for almost six years now and I wouldn't go back to my old job for anything in the world.”

“The company really cares about work-life balance—and it shows.”