Marketing and Communication

Our employees are the custodians of our company’s brand identity. They draw upon their great creativity to develop promotional tools that reinforce client confidence in our products and the quality of our services.


100 employees across Canada


New products launched each year


Significant challenges arising from 17 subsidiaries grouped under a single corporate brand image

Working for us means…

  • Advising and assisting those involved in developing national communication strategies, assuring conformity with our corporate brand identity
  • Staying at the forefront of web trends by creating concepts that allow us to seize market opportunities and maintain our competitive market position
  • Contributing to new product development by pinpointing our company’s marketing and communication requirements
  • Lending your expertise to our independent and agile team comprised of a diverse array of experts from over 15 business areas, such as translation, graphic design and web integration

Potential career opportunities

  • Event Planning Advisor
  • Communications Advisor
  • Marketing Advisor
  • Copywriter
  • Translator
  • Communications Technician 
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Integrator
  • Web and Social Media Strategist