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Group savings and retirement

The ATTITUDE portfolios, a high-performance, distinctive life cycle solution

Pierre Payeur, Senior Vice-President, Fund Management and Oversight

One of the most advanced investment solutions in Canada

The popularity of the ATTITUDE portfolios has been growing steadily since their launch in 2007. Today, they are the default investment option in more than 80% of our clients' group retirement savings plans.

That's why our investment experts are continually improving our ATTITUDE portfolios, which have become a benchmark for life cycle solutions across the country.

Increasing the return potential and the weighting of direct alternative investments were our key objectives in our 2020 review.

Distinctive features of the ATTITUDE portfolios:

  • 5 investor profiles
  • Multi-management approach with renowned managers
  • 5 distinct categories of direct alternative investments
  • Risk reduction by asset class
  • Strategic asset mix glide path continuing 10 years after retirement
  • Fund of funds portfolios resulting in continuous fee reduction

Advantages of direct alternative investments

Presenting unique characteristics, direct alternative investments (such as real estate and infrastructure), previously reserved for major pension plans, provide a steady stream of income and have historically provided stable long-term returns while offering strong diversification and reducing portfolio volatility.

Benefits for investors

This pre-built investment solution is designed to provide a well-diversified investment strategy for investors interested in a simplified solution. It also gives them access to funds developed by financial professionals and managed by renowned fund managers.

The composition of our 65 ATTITUDE portfolios adapts to plan members’ investor profile and automatically evolves according to the number of years before their retirement. They are a wise choice to help them stay on track to achieving financial well-being.

Pierre Payeur, Senior Vice-President, Fund Management and Oversight


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